Covid: be careful, from this Wednesday, if you are positive, sick leave will no longer be automatic

A decree published this Saturday in the Official Journal puts an end, from February 1, to the issuance of derogatory work stoppages to insured persons who are unable to continue working.

A positive Covid test will no longer automatically trigger a work stoppage. A decree, published this Saturday, January 28 in the Official Journal, puts an end to this practice instituted to limit the spread of the epidemic.

“The decree puts an end, as of February 1, 2023, to the issuance of exceptional work stoppages to insured persons who are unable to continue working, including remotely, in the event of contamination by covid-19. established by an examination registered in the nomenclature of acts of medical biology”, thus indicates the official text. However, in the event of proven symptoms and a positive test, employees may be prescribed a work stoppage by their general practitioner after consultation.

A sharp decline in the epidemic

This decision comes at a time when the epidemic is declining sharply in France, a month after the ninth wave which had affected the country. The incidence rate (number of positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants over the last seven days) has thus fallen below the 50 mark (48 precisely), i.e. below the first alert threshold. And the virus production rate has been below 1 for several weeks, another sign of a clear decline in the epidemic. Finally, the positivity rate (the proportion of positive tests) amounts to 6.26% and has rarely been so low.

China: extension of measures

On the other hand, still according to the Official Journal, the measures imposed on passengers from China (i.e. a compulsory negative test before departure, a possible test on arrival, and the compulsory mask on board), scheduled until January 31, are extended until February 15.

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