Covid certificate for travel: all the data already available in Belgium according to an expert

The European Union is in a hurry to finalize by the summer holidays the Covid certificate intended to facilitate travel and other international travel. On the Belgian side, the technical implementation will be “very simple” because the support systems already exist, assured Belga on Friday Frank Robben, the general administrator of the Crossroads Bank for social security.

The Member States will issue this certificate. It will certify either the vaccination of its carrier, a negative PCR test, or a recent cure ensuring the presence of antibodies and this, via an application, a pdf-type document on smartphone or on paper. In the hope that all EU countries will be connected by the end of June, the European Commission will launch a pilot project on May 10 with around 20 countries which will be able to link their own national system to the European platform. The aim being also that a Member State can verify the document that a foreign traveler presents to it, the European Commission offers its technical support. A second phase will take place at the end of May. On June 1, the system will be operational for those Member States that are ready. The Commission wants all Member States to be connected by the end of June. In the office of Federal Minister of Health Frank Vandenbroucke, Friday was mentioned mid-June for Belgium.

For Frank Robben, there aren’t really any technical issues. “We have the great advantage that in Flanders, all the vaccinations administered are recorded on Vaccinnet. And for Wallonia and Brussels, which do not have their own database, it was decided to also use Vaccinnet for Covid -19. In addition, all the test results end up in a database managed by Sciensano. We therefore do not have to develop anything, but to assemble well “, he explains. The Informatie Vlaanderen (AIV) agency manages the technical development of the Belgian certificate. Countries can develop their own system or be based on a European model. The Commission is offering one million euros to each of the Member States. Belgium should also ask for this help. In total, the Commission estimates the development cost of these certificates harmonized to 30 Schengen countries at around 45 million euros.

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