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Covid epidemic in the southern border, tends to decrease pleading with voice groups for vaccination

Date 27 Oct 2021 time 17:14

Prof. reveals that the situation of covid epidemic in the 4 southern border provinces tends to gradually decrease. Asked at-risk groups to get vaccinated, pointing out that 90% of those who died It’s a group that hasn’t been vaccinated.

On Oct. 27, 64, Dr. Sumani Watcharasin, Assistant Deputy Spokesperson for the Center for Epidemic Management of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Situation Administration, gave a press conference in one part that at the meeting of the Office of the Anti-Corruption Commission. Prof. has reported progress. Covid-19 infection situation in 4 southern border provinces Currently, the trend of the infected people is starting to stabilize and tends to gradually decline. The EOC, the Ministry of Public Health, has been monitoring the situation in the area every day.

Dr. Sumanee said that the meeting was urgently needed on two important issues:

1. Accelerate the coverage of more vaccinations for the general population, 608 risk groups, students, students and local workers. Public relations and understanding of vaccines in vernacular languages ​​are publicized through various channels such as news towers, radio stations, brochures, with assistance and coordination from community and religious leaders.

2. There must be a limit to prevent the spread of the disease widely. because when analyzing the situation, it was found that It’s an epidemic at the family level. community, especially the market Business establishments such as restaurants, tea shops

Dr. Sumanee said that both of these matters were mainly carried out by receiving services from the royal safety car. Received services from a private vaccine mobile company, SCG, in using the service of a stable cold chain vaccine transport vehicle. There are 382 teams of support agencies in the investigation of the disease (CCRT) with rapid screening, isolation, treatment, vaccination services. which is a model of infection in Bangkok and its vicinity In the past and have used the management by the CCRT team into the area

Dr. Sumani said that the province has made a proactive plan. For example, in Narathiwat provinces, campaigns were conducted through religious leaders, the administrative divisions, namely the village headmen and the people who participated. is a village volunteer The campaign is called Save Nara, Narasaf, and Songkhla has it as well. by focusing on rapid examination, quick treatment, and if there is no infection, urgently need to vaccinate

Dr. Sumani said that the CCC meeting was concerned about the periodic reports of deaths. found that those who died in the southern border provinces From the report of the Department of Disease Control has details. Of the deceased, most of them are elderly people over 60 years old, people with congenital diseases, 7 groups of diseases, among which including children and pregnant women, and more than 90% of the deaths It’s a group that hasn’t been vaccinated. Therefore, the main goal of action in the southern border provinces is to mobilize as much as possible in vaccination in those at risk groups.

Dr. Sumani said that from the death report on October 26, it can be seen that The total of the risk group is 100% and all those who died were not vaccinated. especially pregnant women It was found that it was a periodic death from the southern border provinces. That means the loss of two lives because more than 50% of the pregnant women who died had their fetuses died from their mothers and the remaining 50% were lost. a great loss to the family

Therefore, the cooperation of the local media is requested to help publicize the mobilization of vaccination in such at-risk groups. and asking for cooperation from people in the area If there are people who know, close relatives, neighbors or people with congenital disease People over 60 years of age or pregnant women help inform or encourage more vaccination services. to reduce serious morbidity and mortality

Dr. Sumanee said that using the Thailand Plus platform after November 1, the BOE has announced in the 35th stipulation to adjust the registration system for those arriving from abroad from the existing COE system. old Become Thailand Plus by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has already clarified the details of such matters and published on various websites To all the embassies involved, so those who will enter Thailand under the conditions can ask for details from the embassy in that country.

Dr. Sumani said that on Friday, October 29, there will be a meeting of the CCC. A large set with Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense. As the director of the CCC. chair the meeting Ask people to follow and watch the press conference of Dr. Taweesin Witsanuyothin, spokesman for the Center for Epidemic Management of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Prof.)


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