covid, Oriente, Antioquia, Rionegro: Confirm the Mayor of Rionegro with COVID-19 | Medellin

In addition to the hospital red alert decreed in the municipality of Rionegro, in the last hours it was reported that the local president, Rodrigo Hernández, was confirmed with coronavirus and that he is in good health.

Mayor, stated that he was infected during the exercise of his duties despite having complied with self-care measures all the time.

“This pandemic is a great challenge, but we have not stopped working for the Rionegreros for a single day. There are risks in that work, so I announce that I have tested positive for Covid 19. From my home, with my family and hand in hand with God, I will continue to watch over all of you “, said the mayor when he found out about the contagion.

By the way, in that town in eastern Antioquia the red alert had to be declared because they reached a 80% ICU bed occupancy.

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