COVID patient dies from sixth floor of Méderi hospital

According to RCN journalist Francisco Romero, better known as Pacho Alert, the subject jumped into the void from the sixth floor of the Méderi hospital and was infected with COVID-19.

According to the communicator, Firefighters from the Central Station were informed about the event at 11:12 in the morning of this Tuesday.

“It was launched from the sixth floor onto the fourth floor terrace. They activated the Covid protocol because he was a positive patient. He perished due to cranial trauma ”, indicated Pacho Alert and Twitter.

Sources confirmed the information to Pulzo. This same medium tried to contact the hospital, but there was no response.

While more details of this tragic event are known, you can also help if you suffer or know of someone who suffers from anxiety problems, depression or some other related to mental health, and can communicate to the telephone lines enabled by the Ministry of Health, or dial 192 from your cell phone, option 4.

You can also seek help from Way Patients app or consult the frequently asked questions on this subject in the government page dedicated to coronavirus.

Consider these phrases that can help you identify when a person is contemplating suicide:


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