Covid poisoning. Trang has postponed school opening for another 14 days.

at 3:30 p.m. on June 10, 2021 at the Ruea Ratsada Hotel. Mueang Trang District, Mr. Kajonsak Charoensopha, Governor of Trang Province, along with Dr. Banjerd Sukpipatpanon Trang Provincial Public Health Doctor Trang Industry Together with representatives of industrial factory operators in Trang Province, with employees from 100 or more, 42 locations signed a memorandum of understanding. (MOU) Cooperation measures to prevent and control the epidemic of coronavirus disease 2019 in bubble and seal industries, in which Trang Province has a total of 413 industrial plants, seafood products factories rubber wood factory Rubber factory, palm factory, employs more than 20,000 people.

The governor of Trang said that from the spread of COVID-19, starting from entertainment venues before starting to expand more widely during the long Songkran holiday period, people travel back to their hometowns and spread the infection to their families. causing the number of infected people to spread rapidly In the past, Trang province has received 10,000 doses of Astra Cineca vaccine, able to achieve the target set. Currently waiting for a vaccine from the government. The next step will be to vaccinate teachers. And received good news that the Sino Farm vaccine that has been approved for 12,000 doses in Trang province will also be vaccinated. So get your money ready. The province will prepare a list of names for those who register for injections.

After that, the governor of Trang told reporters that Today the factory has signed an MOU with the province to halt the use of the Bubble and Seal model. Today is a statement and pledge that we will take public health action to stop it. which this model is very confident because it has been done in many provinces and is effective which is thought to inhibit the spread of the disease

Which on June 11, there will be a meeting of Prof. Renewal of measures on closing entertainment venues, cockfighting stadium, and other measures on vaccines will be finalized after vaccination in the group of doctors ready. and in the group that will acquire more Sinovec vaccine in order to share the target audience with the people including measures that the Ministry of Education We will invite education administrators to discuss measures whether to start the semester or not. But in principle, I think that if there is still an epidemic, we must close it for at least another 14 days. to wait and see for the situation to stabilize for a bit because of concern from parents and in the group of students who will come to study If it is postponed, the school will have to open on June 28, Mr. Kajonsak told reporters.


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