Covid, the dog that after all is a fox rescued in Famalicão

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The Animal Collection Center of Famalicão was contacted, on April 1, to capture a dog signaled as a large dog, but it was, after all, a fox. The animal, meanwhile named Covid, was under the veterinary care of the Animal Collection Center for over a month. It was delivered on May 8 to the Wild Fauna Recovery Center of the Peneda Gerês National Park, which will prepare it to be returned to its natural habitat.

Photo: CM Famalicão / Facebook

The story with a happy ending is told on the Facebook page of the Municipality of Famalicão. After proceeding to collect the animal, “a male fox of about a month and a week, a little malnourished, but without any visible injuries”, was tried to return it to the mother.

“According to the procedure when capturing these wild animals, we immediately searched for fox holes or burrows in the immediate vicinity in order to immediately return the young to the parent. However, as the searches proved to be unsuccessful, the animal was taken to the Animal Collection Center of Famalicão to have all the medical and veterinary care needed there given its age and fragile condition ”, says the note.

“There he stayed for a month and eight days in a specific place where he only contacted the keepers and the veterinarian. It was fed and cared for, always taking care of its species with different characteristics of a pet animal. Taking into account the pandemic situation in which we live, the animal was named Covid ”, explains the Municipality of Famalicão.

After the initial care was provided, the Wild Fauna Recovery Center of the Peneda Gerês National Park was contacted, “which is the entity that deals with these matters in the territory where Famalicão is located” and to whom it was delivered on the 8th.

Photo: CM Famalicão / Facebook

“He will be in captivity for as long as the center keepers deem it necessary. In this Center, the animal will be subjected to various tests, will learn to capture prey for food and will be prepared to defend itself against possible predators ”, explains the publication.

Photo: CM Famalicão / Facebook

When little Covid is able to be released into the wild, the Municipal Animal Defense services will be contacted to schedule his release in his original natural habitat, that is, in the vicinity of where he was found.


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