Covid: The New York Times praised Fernando Polack for his study on plasma

The debate on the effectiveness of the use of convalescent plasma As a treatment for the coronavirus, it reached a turning point in November, when the infectologist Fernando Polack presented the preliminary results of a study that concluded that the therapy worked 61% to prevent serious disease in people over 65 years of age. The Argentine landmark was now praised by The New York Times.

The results of the work carried out by the Fundación Infant, chaired by Polack, were published in the scientific journal New England Journal of Medicine yesterday, Wednesday, January 6, and they caught the attention of the prestigious American media.

He NOW described as “small but rigorous“Polack’s work and highlighted that it is” some of the first to point conclusively towards the beneficial effects of treatment “that was so much questioned in the United States. It is that in that country the Food and Drug Administration (FDA, for its acronym in English) authorized the use of this therapy in hospitalized patients with coronavirus five months ago, a decision that some sectors point out that it was taken under pressure from President Donald Trump .

Fernando Polack: “Plasma transforms covid into a bad cold”

Thousands of patients received plasma infusions in the months that followed, while the researchers waited for the data. The new study is one of the first well-designed clinical trials showing that the therapy has some benefit”, Remarked the American media.

The media reported that Polack’s study “seems to clarify the circumstances in which plasma has its advantages.” “Other trials testing the effects of convalescent plasma in sicker patients failed and found that the therapy did little to speed recovery or prevent death, contradicting emergency treatment authorization, which specifies use in hospitalized people.” noted the author of the note.

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Polack’s investigation

After six months of research, the Infant Foundation was able to corroborate that treatment with convalescent plasma was 61% effective in preventing severe disease with a single dose in those over 65 years. The key to his work was to apply this therapy in patients who had mild symptoms of coronavirus, that is, when they had just been infected and not when they were already hospitalized in serious condition.

“We always think of plasma as a very early intervention. The damage it had done (the coronavirus) would be impossible to repair with plasma, so we had to prevent entry Knowing that a vaccine does that, we thought we could avoid that as soon as possible, when it is mild and when it is not more than 72 hours ago that the disease started ”, explained Polack in the conference held on November 12.

What plasma does is transform Covid into a bad cold and prevents it from leading to pneumonia that requires oxygen, Polack noted

This work changes the focus of who to give plasma to. The initial results were released before being published in a scientific journal given their importance and the context of the pandemic. Now, they have already been ratified by a specialized publication and reaped accolades in different parts of the globe.

The Italian Hospital also led a study that was based on applying this treatment in patients with pneumonia to slow the progression of the disease. In that case, it was concluded that the therapy was not effective for seriously ill patients.

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