“Covid Today” Chonburi has 132 new infections, excluding ATK 2,601 more.

“Covid today” 5 July 2022 Chonburi Province There have been 132 new cases of COVID-19, excluding ATK, 2,601, including one more death, bringing the total to 339 deaths.

“Covid today” Chonburi province has reported infected coviral-19 Confirmed 132 new RT-PCR cases and 2,601 new cases of COVID-19 ATK.

Measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 It is based on a balance between economy, society and health, with measures in line with the current situation.

Vaccines are the main know how to protect Know about local diseases

1. Vaccines are essentially Vaccines are an important factor in the entry of endemic diseases. because it helps to reduce the severity of the disease reduce the mortality rate which now people who live in Chonburi There are still people who are not vaccinated against COVID-19. many stimulation needles There is information about people who are infected in Chonburi province who are not fully vaccinated. The mortality rate is about 10 times higher than those who have been fully vaccinated.

2. Know how to protect In the current situation, measures have been relaxed due to COVID-19. The Omicron strain was reduced in severity. but there is still an outbreak It is therefore advisable to remain strict in personal measures, keep distance, wash hands regularly, and wear masks as voluntarily recommended by the public health authorities.

According to the announcement in the Government Gazette, published the stipulations issued under Article 9 of the Emergency Decree on Public Administration B.E. 2548 (No. 46) dated 23 June 2022, Item 3 Relaxation Rules for wearing a mask or cloth mask throughout the Kingdom for people to be able to live closer to normal conditions

Chonburi province recommends that the general public wear a mask properly at all times when sharing with others in the following cases:

1) When living with other people in a crowded place or area A large group of people was gathered. can’t keep distance or poorly ventilated air to reduce the risk of transmission or infection

2) In the case of a person who is at risk when infected with COVID-19 will have severe symptoms or a high risk of death, elderly people, people with underlying diseases to reduce the risk of infection

3) people infected with COVID-19 or those who are exposed to high risk of COVID-19 or other respiratory infections to reduce the chances of spreading infection

3. Be aware of endemic diseases, check ATK only for those with symptoms and continue to monitor and control the outbreak in clusters Establishments, schools, service establishments still have measures to control and prevent cluster outbreaks.

Source: Chonburi Provincial Public Health Office, Chonburi Province

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