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EU treaty for another Covid-19 drug

The EU Commission has signed a framework agreement for the joint acquisition of a Covid-19 drug from the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly. 18 EU countries participated in the joint purchase of 220,000 treatments of a drug with monoclonal antibodies. It is the second antibody drug that has been ordered by the EU.

Design: Rosa Lyon

Vampire bats prefer to suckle blood with friends

Social contacts and friendships play a big role in the animal kingdom, including vampire bats. As a new study shows, bloodsuckers prefer to look for prey with friends of their own species.

Design: Raphael Krapscha
With: Simon Ripperger, biologist at the Natural History Museum Berlin

Experts advise caution with paracetamol

To combat pain and fever, pregnant women often turn to paracetamol – also due to a lack of alternatives. A new Review article The current state of studies advises caution: the active ingredient should only be used in the lowest dose during pregnancy and for as short a period as possible, say experts.


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