COVID vaccine cost in Colombia: Government denied leaked figure

Throughout this Thursday, President Iván Duque was widely criticized on social networks after, in an infographic, a media outlet indicated that Colombia I’d pay $ 21 for each vaccine by AstraZenecaWhile the European Commission would receive it in exchange for $ 2.19, the Philippines would give $ 2.5 for each dose and the United States about $ 4.

The outrage of thousands of users when seeing the graph was evident. Those who saw it could not understand how it was possible that the National Government would pay up to five times more than other countries for one of the vaccines against it. coronavirus who hired. However, the information of said image that is being viralized in social networks is not real.

Colombia will finally pay about $ 6 for each dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine, pharmaceutical company from which it will buy, in principle, 10 million vaccines. That amount will be enough for 5 million Colombians to be vaccinated, since the treatment against COVID-19 requires two doses.

The value of what the country will pay for each of the different vaccines that will arrive in the national territory in the coming months was confirmed through an issued document by the National Unit for Disaster Risk Management (UNGRD), which is the entity in charge of purchasing the vaccines.

In that same document it is reported that the government will pay almost $ 12 for each of the Pfizer vaccines that are contracted. The country asked that company for 10 million vaccines, which will be applied to another 5 million Colombians. As with AstraZeneca, it is necessary that each citizen receives two doses.

It should be remembered that this week, the Ministry of Health indicated the estimated dates on which the different vaccines against the coronavirus would arrive in the country. Vaccination with the doses of Pfizer would start in FebruaryIn March, several batches of the vaccines delivered by the international Covax mechanism would arrive in Colombia, and it would be necessary to wait until April or May to receive the vaccines from AstraZeneca and Janssen.

The Government also ruled on the error of the media that stated that $ 21 would be paid for the AstraZeneca vaccine. Víctor Muñoz, presidential economic advisor, indicated in this regard: “Today they released a table of the Minsalud with which they intended to infer that the purchase price per dose from a pharmacist was US21, which is not true. Table published is a cost-effectiveness model, using average estimated price, and not a contract price list“.


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