Covid vaccine is safe, does not increase risk of loss in the first trimester of pregnancy

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Luckily for everyone the vaccines for him Covid-19 They are being widely used in almost all countries, which according to figures provided by different governments and multiple studies is being highly effective in controlling the disease and thus ending the pandemic once and for all.

Although the vaccines came onto the market after all the painstaking steps required to meet global health and safety standards had been fully completed, many people and the media have been spreading false information against their use.

Study reveals that Covid-19 vaccines do not cause risk of loss in the first trimester of pregnancy

One of the most talked about aspects of vaccines against Covid-19 was their use in pregnant women, who from the moment the vaccines were released were placed within the group at greatest risk in case of contracting the virus. But recently a study has shed light on this delicate subject.


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At the beginning of vaccination worldwide, data and information on the use of vaccines during pregnancy were quite limited, which generated great confusion and controversy in the population, which led many future mothers to doubt the opportunity to use the vaccines. vaccines.

But recently a study conducted by the University of Ottawa showed that there is no relationship between the implementation of vaccines against Covid-19 and the risk of miscarriages in the first trimester, making it clear that the vaccines are more than safe for the population in pregnancy.

“Our study found no evidence of an increased risk of miscarriage after COVID-19 vaccination, so this adds to the conclusions of other reports supporting COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy.” The members of the epidemiology department of the university assured.

The study was carried out by analyzing different Norwegian national health registries regarding the implementation of the Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccines and were published in The New England Journal of Medicine. According to the filmmakers, the findings are reassuring news for pregnant women.

He also assured that: “It is important that pregnant women get vaccinated as they have a higher risk of hospitalizations and complications from COVID-19. Also, vaccination during pregnancy is likely to protect the newborn against COVID-19 infection in the first months after birth. “

Researchers behind the study on vaccines and risk in pregnancy speak about blind spot of the study

Although the results of the study are highly encouraging for the scientific community, its researchers also fulfilled a moral duty to clarify the limits of the data and information they evaluated and made clear a significant blind spot that they found during the development of the study.

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In the medical publication made in the New England Journal of Medicine you can read “a limitation of the report is that the registry lacks information on gestational age at the time of early pregnancy registration and, therefore, patients could not be matched of cases and controls according to gestational age ”.

Along with this, they also clarified what: “However, it is known that the majority of recognized miscarriages occur between weeks 6 and 10 of pregnancy, a period similar to the gestational ages in which women in Norway consult a doctor to confirm the pregnancy ”.

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