Covid vaccine. Moderna announces 100% efficacy in severe cases

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Moderna Inc requested permission to United States and the European Union for market its vaccine against coronavirus, covid-19. In addition to reporting that your vaccine is 100% effective in prevention of severe cases. It’s a breakthrough? Here we tell you what we know.

Moderna Inc seeks authorization of the emergency use of its vaccine in United States and the European Union, this based on the full results of the last stage of a study which showed that their vaccine is 94.1% effective, without serious safety concerns.

While as reported, your covid-19 vaccine is 100% successful in preventing severe cases. The request will possibly make Moderna’s product the second vaccine to receive emergency use authorization this year.

“We believe that we have a highly effective vaccine. Now we have the data to prove it. We hope to play an important role in defeating this pandemic“Ral Zaks, the firm’s chief medical officer, said in a telephone interview.

Zaks said he was excited to see the 94.1% result over the weekend:

“This is the first time that I allowed myself to cry. With this level of effectiveness, when you do the math on what this means for the pandemic around us, it is simply overwhelming. “

According to the company, the efficacy analysis of Moderna’s phase 3 vaccine study included 30,000 participants with an efficacy of 94.1%, with generally good tolerance and no serious security problems have been identified to date.

The study of phase 3 has exceeded 2 months mean follow-up after vaccinationas required by the US FDA for emergency use authorization, the company says in a statement.

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