Covid vaccine: North Korea and Russia tried to steal data according to Microsoft

These are heavy charges. US company Microsoft said on its blog on Friday that Russia and North Korea attempted to steal key data on the coronavirus vaccine.

Actors supported by these states have tried to retrieve this information from pharmaceutical laboratories and researchers working on the vaccine, said the IT multinational.

Most of the attacks in recent months have been foiled, she added. On the other hand, the firm of Bill Gates did not indicate the number of detected hacking attempts, as reported. The Independant.

Strontium pirates launch attacks on Russia

On the Russian side, Microsoft cybersecurity experts have identified a state-associated hacking group called Strontium. Hackers from this collective are at the origin of multiple attempts to steal data and in particular passwords, according to the computer giant. “Attacks that aim to break into people’s accounts using thousands or millions of quick attempts” have been launched, explained Tom Burt vice president of customer security at Microsoft.

North Korean spear-phishing attempts

Groups called Zinc and Cerium are said to have carried out other cyber attacks on behalf of North Korea. These hackers this time used spear-phishing techniques, i.e. personalized phishing techniques consisting of pretending to be a trusted institution in order to recover the credentials of a key player. In order to hope to get their targets bitten off, the hackers pretended to be recruiters or representatives of the World Health Organization.

Attacks in UK and US in July

According to the UK’s National Cyber ​​Security Center, Russian hackers attempted to steal information from UK-based companies and researchers last July. China has also launched an online campaign to steal information, the US government said at the same time.

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