COVID19: Africa towards a second wave of contaminations

Africa is heading towards a second wave of coronavirus infections.

This pessimistic prediction of CDC Africa comes as the African continent this week exceeded the bar of 2 million confirmed cases.

The WHO Regional Director for Africa calls for vigilance with regard to preventive measures.

“African countries are seeing a worrying increase in the number of cases. There are now more than two million COVID-19 cases in Africa. For the 48,000 people who have lost their lives in the 47 countries of the African region, mainly the In sub-Saharan Africa plus Algeria, there are more than 1.4 million reported cases. In the past 28 days, the number of cases increased from the previous month in 19 countries in the region, including countries like Kenya, Algeria, Ghana and Angola “, declared Matshidiso Moeti.

As the world takes hope for more vaccines, health officials fear that Africa does not suffer from a massive purchase by the rich countries.

More than 20 million screening tests have been carried out since the beginning of the pandemic, but they are insufficient for a continent of 1.3 billion inhabitants.

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