Covid19. Experts detect medicines for treatment: Salud CdMx

Mexico City /

The secretary of Health of Mexico City, Oliva López Arellano, reported that a group of experts detected that the drugs invermectin and azithromycin can be used as a treatment for coronavirus patientseven if they have no symptoms.

In a press videoconference, the local official explained that the group is made up of specialists of the National Institute of Nutrition, IMSS, Sedesa and the Secretariat of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (Sectei).

“We have been working with a group of experts from the Institute of Nutrition, IMSS, Sedesa and Sectei, and evaluating the international evidence and publications in terms of the use of medicines, for outpatients and hospitals.

“The city’s Health Secretariat has identified that there is enough evidence to use in people positive for COVID-19, even when they do not have symptoms, the administration of drugs such as ivermectin and azithromycin,” he said in the Old City Hall.

He explained that according to the investigation, the ivermectina has had positive effects on stop the virus from reproducing, Besides that reduce la carga viral and it is safe against negative effects.

He commented that 29 studies demonstrated the effectiveness of ivermectin in early stages, 12 were positive in prophylaxis and 14 more in patients with moderate symptoms.

López Arellano stressed that since December 29 and to date, 50,747 treatments have been delivered free of charge to people who have tested positive for coronavirus in any of the 230 government kiosks of the capital.

He mentioned that of the 27 thousand patients monitored by Locatel, 11 people who did not receive the treatment were hospitalized, against three who did.

Likewise, 508 who did not receive it presented complications and required medical attention, compared to 189 who received it.

The head of the Sedesa capital also warned about the use of dexamethasone, as it indicated that cases of patients who have been hospitalized after taking the medicine have been detected, since it only complicates the viral picture and favors the reproduction of the virus.



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