Covids are busy. Khanom Jeen is confused. Put tissues? Trouble, the officer had to seize it and prove it. Finally, raise your hand to apologize.

Covids are busy. Khanom Jeen Goweng. An 18-year-old girl reported to the shop for tissues? Trouble, the officer had to seize it and prove it. The last one is the chicken and fish recipe. before raising his hand to apologize The shop owner apologizes.

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On July 30, 1964, Ms. Natnan (reserving his surname), 18 years old, Prakhonchai district, filed a complaint with Pol Col Nithiwat Khamnon, Inspector (Investigation) of Prakhon Chai Police Station, Buriram Province, to prosecute the Kanom Jeen restaurant in Prakhonchai district for mixing tissue paper in Kanom Jeen liquid. afraid to be harmful to health from eating this Chinese dessert Later, the police informed the Prakhon Chai District Public Health Office. to check

By bringing the pot of Khanom Jeen sold in the shop to Prakhon Chai Police Station to prove Ready to go to check the seller’s house. which is a place to make Chinese desserts before being sold in front of the shop The examination took more than an hour, with an experimental dissolving of tissue paper in water and comparing it with Kanom Jeen water that Ms. Natnan claimed to have bought from this pot. It turns out that the raw material in the Chinese dessert pot is meat. No ingredients of tissue paper in any way by Ms. Nantanan He raised his hand and apologized for the misunderstanding. The shop owner apologized.

Ms. Nantanan said that this morning, she went to buy 2 bags of Kanom Jeen from this shop, and her mother had already eaten 1 bag, and the other bag was unwrapped in a bowl, ready to eat. But come to notice the Chinese dessert Looks unusually similar to tissue paper. So take it to filter with a colander. found to be insoluble material. So I’m sure it’s tissue paper. Before taking a picture and posting it on a personal Facebook page A lot of people have commented. Then came to report to Prakhon Chai Police Station, but when the officer proved it, he was relieved and apologized to the shop owner. Personally afraid that it is harmful to health

Miss Waripin Chanan, 57, a seller of Kanom Jeen, said that her mother-in-law was the one who invented this Chinese dessert recipe. by mixing chicken meat with fish The fibers found are similar to tissue paper. a big chicken If the chicken is small, there will be no pulp. After seeing someone posting intends to file a complaint against the Computer Crime Act, but when the child apologizes, he forgives

While Mrs. Thap Chanan, 56, the owner of Khanom Jeen recipe, said that Kanom Jeen has been selling for more than 20 years. The recipe has been adjusted 2 times. Previously, Khanom Jeen soup only put fish meat, but the water was clear. mixed shredded chicken to increase the nervousness There is an increasing number of regular customers. As for the tissue paper never thought in my head

On the other hand, Mrs. Kwannet Srisamer, a pharmacist at Prakhonchai Hospital, said that it’s good for consumers to check food. But it shouldn’t be posted online. before it is proven If abnormalities are found, they can inform health officials.

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