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Cow pardoned after escape from slaughterhouse in Los Angeles

(Los Angeles) A ​​cow that remained missing after escaping from a slaughterhouse with about 40 of its congeners was found Thursday but will be pardoned after the intervention of a celebrity, the songwriter Diane Warren, who pleaded his case.

The herd of cows sparked a stir Tuesday night as they fled the slaughterhouse where they were to end their days, leading the police called to the rescue in a long rodeo in the middle of a residential area in the east of Los Angeles.

The fleeing cattle had roamed the small streets of Pico Rivera, sometimes lingering on the lawns of houses, before being caught by men of the sheriff of Los Angeles aided by police on horseback.

A cow that had loaded a family with young children was killed by a police officer and 38 others were taken back to find their plight at the slaughterhouse.

But one of them continued to walk and was only located early Thursday morning by a passer-by, grazing in a field a few kilometers from the slaughterhouse.


Diane Warren

A Pico Rivera city official announced Thursday that the cow will be saved, thanks to Diane Warren, a Californian songwriter with multiple international hits, film scores, a Grammy Award, an Emmy Award and two Golden Globes.

The artist has indeed come forward to “facilitate the release” of the animal “in collaboration with local shelters”.

The town of Pico Rivera is itself in discussions with the owners of the slaughterhouse to study the possibility of sending all the escaped cows to shelters, the official said.

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