‘Coyote’ abandons a 7-year-old girl after crossing the border wall between Mexico and the United States | USA | USA | NNDC | | WORLD

A seven-year-old girl was rescued by Border Patrol agents from after being abandoned by a human smuggler – known as ‘coyotes’ – who crossed the wall with her on the border with Mexico.

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The surveillance system was able to capture the presence of a man in the El Centro sector, in California, while he carried the little girl on his back and used a rope to hold onto the border fence until he descended to the United States, details a statement from the American authorities.

β€œThe agents decided to wait for the girl to be safely on the ground before approaching. This decision was made as a precaution, believing that the trafficker could panic and drop the girl, which, due to the height of the wall, could result in serious injury or death. “, indicates the text of the .

The smuggler left the girl without water and food after being caught on camera.

The little girl, of Salvadoran origin, was found by border agents about 15 meters north of the border between Mexico and USA and 2 miles west of the Calexico port of entry.

The head of the Border Patrol, Gregory K. Bovino, he pointed out that “No one, least of all a child of any age or race, should be exposed to the multitude of dangers that exist when crossing illegally into this country.”

“Smugglers will always view children as a commodity for profit, regardless of the safety and well-being of any individual except their own”added.

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