CP Group made a deal of 200 billion, transferring the business of “Lotus” to MAKRO to join the retail-wholesale business.

Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CPF) notify the Stock Exchange of Thailand that The Board of Directors’ meeting resolved to approve the transfer of the entire business of C.P. Retail Holding Company Limited (CPRH), an associated company in which CPF indirectly holds 20% through CP Merchant. Dizing Company Limited (CPM) to Siam Makro Public Company Limited (MAKRO) with a total value of 43,589.81 million baht by means of Entire Business Transfer (EBT) including shares in CP Retail Development Company Limited. Company Limited (CPRD), which CPRH holds 99.99%, and other assets such as cash and cash equivalents.

MAKRO will issue new shares to CPRH in the amount not exceeding 5,010,323,500 shares with a par value of 0.50 baht per share at an offering price of 43.50 baht per share, totaling 217,949.07 million baht in order to pay for the EBT.

Upon completion of the EBT, CPRH will register its dissolution and begin liquidation. CPRH will transfer all of CPRH’s assets, including its shares in MAKRO, to CPRH’s shareholders in proportion to their shareholding.

In this regard, each shareholder of CPRH will receive MAKRO shares and shareholding proportions are as follows:

– CPM directly holds 10.21%

– Charoen Pokphand Holding Public Company Limited (CPH) holds 20.43%

– CP ALL Public Company Limited (CPALL) holds 65.97% shares

Therefore, CPM is obliged to make a tender offer for all securities (tender offers) of MAKRO shares together with CPH at the offer price of 43.50 baht/share, not for delisting. 3 and CPH will purchase two-thirds of the shares that have been accepted for the tender offer for all securities in MAKRO, with the maximum number of shares that CPM must purchase this time will not exceed 110,699,500 shares, representing The total value does not exceed 4,815.43 million baht.

After that, MAKRO will issue and offer for sale of newly issued ordinary shares to the general public (PO). The Board of Directors has approved CPM to offer MAKRO ordinary shares to receive from the return of investment to the shareholders of CPRH. to the general public, not more than 181,600,000 shares, with a par value of 0.50 baht per share, representing not more than 1.85% of the total number of ordinary shares issued and sold of MAKRO after the EBT, and accounting for not more than 1.63% of Total number of ordinary shares issued and sold for MAKRO after IPO

In this regard, CPRH operates an investment (holding) business by holding 99.99% shares in CPRD, holding 99.99% shares in Lotus Stores (Thailand) Co., Ltd., holding 99.99% shares in Ek-chai Distribution. Sion System Co., Ltd., a retailer under Lotus’s name in Thailand and 100% in Lotuss Stores (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., which operates a retailer under Lotus’s name in Malaysia.

CPF stated that it believes that the EBT will strengthen the business in the group it invests (both directly and indirectly) by strengthening MAKRO and CPRD to become leaders in the retail business. wholesaler and expand the scope of business operations at the regional level and strengthening the business from the benefits expected from the integration of strengths in various aspects of MAKRO and Lotus Group, such as store coverage

It also helps to combine the benefits of working together to make it more efficient. and is expected to benefit the Company and shareholders of the Company in the future through internal restructuring and business restructuring to achieve such objectives


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