CPBL China Professional Baseball / Secondary Vocational 32 Years FA Star Rank High Chen Yuxun is the most watched

▲ Lotte Peach Ape rescue pitcher Chen Yuxun. (Photo/Photo by reporter Ye Zhengxun, 2020.09.13)

The 32-year CPBL season is over. It is expected to announce the list of free agents (FA) on the 6th. At present, many major players and star players are eligible to exercise. Among them, Lotte “township chief” Chen Yuxun Most watched.

According to Chinese professional baseball regulations, the list of free agents must be announced within 3 working days of the end of the championship, which is expected to be announced on the 6th.

Including CITIC brothers “big brother” Lin Zhisheng, Guan Dayuan, Lotte peach ape “town chief” Chen Yuxun, Lin Hongyu, Fubon Titans Lin Yiquan, United Lions team Pan Weilun and others are eligible.

Among them, the most eye-catching is Chen Yuxun. The 32-year-old ace has accumulated 90 rescues and 118 rescues in his rescue career. He has actual performance and is moderately old. In addition, he has 1 wins and 3 losses, 10 relays, 14 backups in 2021, and defends. With a rate of 2.47, it is definitely the top player in the FA list.

According to the Chinese professional baseball free agent system, if a player who exercises free agent qualifications moves, the original team can choose one of two compensation methods from the new team. The monetary compensation is 125% of the player’s annual salary or the last year 75% of the annual salary in cash compensation, plus 25 people to protect a player off the list.

The mayor Chen Yuxun has a monthly salary of 580,000 yuan this season, and his annual salary is 6.96 million for 12 months. If the mayor exercises his free agent qualification and successfully transfers to the team, if he chooses the first compensation method, Rakuten will receive 8.7 million in cash compensation; In the second type, Lotte will get 5.22 million cash plus 1 player who is not on the new team’s 25-man roster.

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