CPFTH joins hands with KTB-KBank to sell bonds online at 3.7% interest starting 20-22 Sept.

CPFTH joins hands with Krung Thai Bank and Kasikorn Bank pilot online bond sales Raise the highest interest rate of 3.7%, easy to buy, immediately starting from 20-22 Sept.

CPF (Thailand) Public Company Limited or CPFTH, a subsidiary of the Company Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CPF) is preparing to offer Online Debentures / Unsubordinated Debentures Unsecured and has a debenture holder representative For institutional investors and high net worth investors, 3 models, total value not more than 15,000 million baht, namely 6-year debentures, interest rate 2.50% per year, 8-year term, interest rate 3.18% per year, and age 12 years, interest rate 3.70% per year

The debentures were rated A+ by TRIS Rating by Krung Thai Bank. and Kasikorn Bank is the underwriter. It is expected to be offered for sale within 20 – 22 September 2021.

This is an offering of debentures to high net worth investors. The first time in Thailand that made transactions via online channels or by phone, recording 100%, no branch subscriptions.

CPFTH is one of the leaders in agro-industrial and food industry in Thailand. It is committed to providing quality and safety meat and food products to consumers. with modern production processes that meet international standards Along with creating values ​​with the surrounding society and using resources efficiently to maintain a good environment

Mr. Paisan Chirakijcharoen, Chief Financial Officer of CPF, revealed that CPFTH’s business has continued to grow. The company focuses on production efficiency, marketing and work processes. Including research and development to create added value for products to meet the needs and behavior of consumers.

The company focuses on bringing digital technology into work tools such as AI or artificial intelligence, big data, and automation. used to enhance and link management processes throughout the value chain.

This helps both business efficiency and customer satisfaction while creating value together with society. Due to the epidemic situation of COVID-19, the Company has cooperated with Krung Thai Bank. and Kasikorn Bank In this offering of debentures via online system for the safety of those interested in investing.

Mr. Rawin Boonyanusas Executive Vice President Head of Money Market Capital Market Business Division Krung Thai Bank revealed that with the experience and expertise of Krung Thai Bank therefore gaining trust from the company The bank’s online subscription service system, “Money Connect by Krungthai”, is to be used to support the Bank’s first offering of CPFTH debentures for large investors. High-profile investors can subscribe and pay 100% online without any branch subscriptions to reduce travel and risk from the COVID-19 outbreak.

Bank customers can subscribe for debentures through the Money Connect by Krungthai online securities subscription system on the Krungthai Next application or the website. https://moneyconnect.krungthai.com/ that is convenient, fast and safe. Buy anywhere, anytime, 24 hours a day.

The bank expects CPFTH debentures to receive overwhelming interest from investors. with the strength of the organization and the growth potential of the business selling products that are essential for daily life resulting in less impact from the economic slowdown

Mr. Thiti Tantikulanan Head of Capital Market Business Division Kasikorn Bank It was revealed that KASIKORNBANK has realized the importance and benefits of online channels. For this offering of CPFTH debentures, it is 100% open for sale via online and telephone recording systems.

Interested customers can subscribe for CPFTH debentures at the website – www.kasikornbank.com/kmyinvest and make payments via K PLUS 24 hours a day

KASIKORNBANK is confident that CPFTH debentures will be the debentures that will attract the attention of high net worth investors and institutional investors as in the past, and in 2021, KASIKORNBANK will become a leader in online subscription services with statistics. More than 80% of individual investors who subscribe through the K-My Invest website

For investors who want more information about CPFTH’s debenture offering, details can be found at www.sec.or.th Or contact Krung Thai Bank at 02-111-1111, Kasikorn Bank, call 02-888-8888, press 819.

News source : Facebook Page – Ministry of Finance news station

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