CPW acquires IBIZ Plus, paying in cash – increasing PP capital

July 31, 2021


Prepare to brew shareholders this Sep. Continue to expand the technology market. Get demand soaring CPW It is one of the leading digital products market. and strong in the Apple brand

CPW Go ahead and expand your business Acquisition announcement IBIZ Plus Penetrate the market of mobile phone-accessories value not more than 1,000 Million Baht Paid in cash for the first period of October. Amount 200 and issuing new shares PP no more than 31.57 million shares or 5% At the market price, it does not affect the management of the company. Prepare to brew shareholders this September to expand distribution channels and increase Product Mix in hand under the brand AIS, Television, Buddy, Samsung and Xiaomi in Thailand from the present CPW It is one of the leading digital products market. and strong in the brand Apple

Mr. Poramate Riancharoensuk Chief Executive Officer, Copper Wire Public Company Limited or CPW revealed that the company continues to expand its business to meet the needs of consumers in the digital era which requires the use of communication equipment and technology products meet the new life and the advancement of technological equipment, including communication equipment which is in the growing trend of the world therefore came to invest in expanding related businesses Strengthen the strength of being a leader in the distribution business of digital lifestyle products. from leading brands more comprehensively

by the Board of Directors meeting approved and proposed to the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of the Company No. 1/2564 To consider and approve the transfer of business and some assets of ibis Plus Network Company Limited (IBIZ Plus) Business related to mobile phone shop business communication equipment And various accessories consist of stores under the brand. AIS Shop, AIS Telewiz, AIS Buddy, Samsung and Xiaomi total not more than 56 Shop, including the assets of the shop business, such as inventories product to test Store business decorations and any other assets necessary for the store business operation as well as related wholesale business by specifying to calculate the price of compensation for the business transfer According to the annual average of net profit after tax (Net Profits after Tax) that actually occurred during the year 2565 to 2567 of the Company after calculating All compensation must not exceed 1,000 million baht

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The Company will pay the business transfer fee to IBIZ Plus. with the Company’s newly-issued ordinary shares and/or cash by the total number of shares the Company will offer to IBIZ Plus to pay as compensation total will not exceed 31,578,900 Shares at par value 0.50 baht or not more than a percentage 5 of the total number of ordinary shares of the Company after the capital increase for offering newly issued shares to a private placement (Private Placement) give to IBIZ Plus all at the offering price of the Company’s newly issued ordinary shares which is equal to the weighted average price of the Company’s ordinary shares historically traded on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. 15 Consecutive business days prior to the date on which the Board of Directors resolves to determine the offering price

IBIZ Plus is a mobile phone retailer and wholesaler communication equipment and accessories Including the right to be a distributor and manage stores under the brand AIS Shop, AIS Telewiz, AIS Buddy AIS Shop, AIS Telewiz, AIS Buddy, Samsung and Xiaomi in Thailand, with Mr. Boonchai Asirawatavanich and Mr. Natnapat Asiravadavanich is the founder and manages all of IBIZ Plus and/or the founder, which when the company accepts the business transfer complete The founder will manage the business. continue with the representatives appointed by the Company for a period of at least 2 year from the date the company has paid all remuneration in full

However, after the offering of new ordinary shares of the said company, IBIZ Plus will hold no more than 31,578,900 shares or not more than a percentage 5 of the total number of shares of the Company after the capital increase. IBIZ Plus to nominate any person to be a director and/or an executive of the Company. IBIZ Plus Therefore, it is not considered a connected person of the Company. The resolution will be proposed to the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders No. 1/64 on the day 14 Sept. 64 this

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by the expected benefits It is an additional distribution channel for Apple brand products. digital lifestyle products and product groups Mobile Accessories of the company to the store AIS, Samsung and Xiaomi that the company will receive the transfer Increase sales from selling mobile phone products Samsung and other operating systems Android, Increase revenue from various services for mobile phones in all systems of AIS such as receiving service payments, topping up, which have good returns that will help increase the company’s gross profit margin.

Increase bargaining power in purchasing more products due to more distribution channels This makes it possible to purchase products in larger quantities. As a result, the cost per unit of the purchased product is reduced. or get a discount increased cash back Increase distribution channels in new markets, including wholesale of mobile phones. which the company has never had before Reduce the risk of reliance on Apple products. only one and can reach new customers which the company has not yet been able to access from adding products, services, types of stores and distribution channels that expand in the region or in the provinces


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