Crans-Montana will leave the Magic Pass at the end of the …

The Crans-Montana-Aminona (CMA) ski lift company will quit the Magic Pass ski pass at the end of the winter season, its director Maxime Cottet announced on Monday. This sesame, which brings together more than 30 French-speaking stations “did not meet our expectations”.

“Our proposals for changes to the offer were not heard, so today we will not renew the contract that binds us to the Magic Pass until the end of April 2020”, explains the director of CMA during an interview. with Time published Monday. Crans-Montana-Aminona is the largest of the ski pass areas and generates around a quarter of its turnover.

Our proposals for changes to the offer were not heard.

Maxime Cottet, CMA lift director

CMA wanted in particular to prohibit Magic Pass holders from accessing their tracks during peak hours. The Haut-Plateau resort wanted to obtain the creation of a Magic Pass Premium for which customers would have to pay a supplement to enjoy the ski area. But the other members of the cooperative refused unanimously at their general meeting on September 24.

“Yet they had nothing to lose, since it changed nothing for them, and we had everything to gain,” said Maxime Cottet. Following this refusal, CMA asked the administration of the Magic Pass at the end of September for a two-month cooling-off period. The Valais company had obtained fifteen days notice, ie until October 15.

Regrets de Magic Pass

All Magic Pass members regret this decision, notes the cooperative in a press release. Regarding the creation of a Premium subscription, “we noticed after a detailed analysis of data and customer consumption habits, that such an option is not economically viable”, she underlines.

Indeed, the decrease in turnover due to the drop in skier days for a Premium ski area – to the detriment of other non-Premium destinations – could not be offset by the sale of such an option at an acceptable price for Magic Pass customers, says the cooperative.

Allocation formula

While the director recognizes that the sesame launched in 2017 has reinvigorated the ski industry and helped attract new customers to Crans-Montana, he also believes that his traditional customers suffer from the nuisance during periods of high traffic. Maxime Cottet also notes that the distribution rule “penalizes our income”.

The formula for distributing Magic Pass receipts between stations is kept secret. There is a common basis. A part varies according to the frequentation of the station.

Before this subscription, “our turnover was growing between 15 and 25 million per year. The Magic Pass has reduced this volatility of income, but capped our revenues at 21 million, while our breakeven point is at 23 million, ”explains the director. And to conclude that “this guaranteed minimum income is really costing us too much.”

In summer as in winter

At the end of January, CMA had already threatened to leave the Magic Pass if the product was not rearranged. The two parties finally announced in February that they would continue their collaboration for the next three editions, i.e. until 2022.

The Magic Pass subscription is valid in summer and winter. It brings together more than 30 stations in the cantons of Valais, Vaud, Friborg, Neuchâtel and Jura and costs 549 francs until November 11, according to its website. Saas Fee (VS), Leukerbad (VS) and Les Prés-d’Orvin in the Bernese Jura are the newcomers in 2019.

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