Crazy world football for all!The Taiwan Football Association revealed that more than 60 people were injured in long-term arrears of referee fees, with a total amount of nearly one million

Taoyuan Mayor Zheng Wencan (pictured right) took over as chairman of the Football Association in November, and now it has been revealed that the Football Association has long owed referee fees. (Photo source/[email protected]中国足球足球协会CTFA)

The quadrennial World Cup once again set off a global football fever. Although football is not a mass sport in Taiwan, the enthusiasm of Taiwanese fans is not too much. However, the power of the times legislator Wang Wanyu revealed today (5) that the Football Association has long owed referee fees , the number of victims exceeded 60, the amount ranged from 15,000 yuan to 20,000 yuan, and the total amount was closer to millions.

The Acting Director of the Sports Department, Lin Tengjiao, responded that he is currently assisting in the process. The relevant support for the referees should be paid. The Sports Department also has relevant financial subsidies for the Football Association to handle related events.

The Football Association owes referee fees for a long time, more than 60 people have been injured, and the total amount is nearly one million

Legislative Yuan Judiciary and Legal Affairs, Education and Culture Committee jointly reviewed the “National Sports Science Center Establishment Bill”. Wang Wanyu pointed out that recently received a petition, the Football Association of the Republic of China could not even pay referee fees, and even owed wages for a long time.

He said that the petitioner reported to him that as long as the Football Association handles matches, such as the Enterprise League, Taiwan League Two, Mulan League, Youth League, etc., it is normal for referee fees to be owed for 1 to 2 months, and at least 60 Referees were owed referee fees, and the total amount approached millions of dollars.

In this regard, Lin Tengjiao said, “We are already assisting in handling it.” He also said that the recent reorganization of the Football Association may be due to some gaps in the administrative processing part, and this part will strengthen supervision.

However, Lin Tengjiao obviously made a mistake. Wang Wanyu said bluntly that this did not happen only at the time of the recent handover, but that this problem has existed for a long time. He pointed out that for a long time, high school sports teams, junior college sports teams, or other competitions have often paid salaries in cash on the spot, and the Football Association may have a problem with not having enough cash flow.

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Lin Tengjiao made a mistake, and Wang Wanyu demanded a thorough investigation to establish a supervision mechanism

Wang Wanyu pointed out that according to the report of the Football Association of the Sports Department, at the end of 2016, the Football Association accumulated debts of 8 million yuan. After efforts to improve the financial situation, the association’s income and expenditure have also turned from loss to profit, but overall, due to the long-term poor financial quality, the Football Association is still struggling in the debt quagmire.

He criticizes that although the Sports Administration has made reports on the visits and evaluations of sports groups every year, it has discovered financial problems long ago. It always says to the outside world that “there is supervision and assistance”, but it does not provide specific supervision and assistance to the association. It is just a false story , It’s just perfunctory.

Wang Wanyu asked the Sports Department to thoroughly investigate the reasons for the past financial deterioration of the Football Association, and establish an early warning and supervision mechanism to prevent other individual associations from repeating the same mistakes in the future.

Lin Tengjiao said that the relevant support for referees should be paid. The Sports Department also has relevant financial subsidies for the Football Association to handle related events, and promised to provide relevant reports within one month.

Can Taiwan also have a football dream?Chen Yixin: If you draw a line, you can call it a football field

On the other hand, in this World Cup, the Japanese team won the German team, which made people feel excited. KMT legislator Chen Yixin pointed out that it is most important for schools to develop football “grassland”.

Chen Yixin said, “It’s not called a football field if you draw a line.” If you can’t jump on a football field paved by PU or grass with stones, you can’t learn football.

Lin Tengjiao responded that in recent years, key football schools in various counties and cities have been subsidized to set up artificial turf football fields. At present, there are about 40-50 schools.

Chen Yixin hopes that the Japanese manga “Captain Tsubasa” may one day beat the German team in the Japanese manga “Captain Tsubasa”. This time the World Cup really won. Taiwan also hopes to have such a dream, but to achieve such a dream requires They must be given the opportunity to practice now, from an early age.

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