Create your photo album from digital photos

The passing of the photographyphotography in the era digitaldigital has totally revolutionized the way we consume images. Cameras, and more smartphonessmartphones, are the instruments that have made photography more accessible, easier and more user-friendly. It is now extremely easy to draw your mobile to capture a moment, an emotion, a landscape, etc.

THE social networkssocial networks as FacebookFacebook, TwitterTwitter or InstagramInstagram have greatly contributed to the craze for photos, by putting the image at the heart of the exchanges. Same thing for the instant messaginginstant messaging type Snapchat, Hangouts, WhatsApp et consorts.

The abundance of digital photos

As a result, the number of digital photos produced has reached stratospheric heights. These are stored on computerscomputerstelephones, serversservers… And this is undoubtedly the other side of the coin of this abundance. We benefit little or badly from our digital photos because we simply have too many of them and because it is not very pleasant to look at them in a row on a screen. Even though it is reassuring to know that they are preserved indefinitely in digital format, we are never safe from a technical failure that can cause us to lose everything. There is the solution which consists in printing them yourself and then filing them patiently. But ink and paper are expensive and time is often short.

This is why online services offering the creation and printing of photo albums on paper provide a relevant response to these pitfalls. For a few tens of euros, they make it possible to quickly create personalized compositions using very simple tools and then to have them printed in all kinds of formats: photo books, posters, calendars, diaries, announcements, cards and even photos on canvas or photo paintings. We thus find the user-friendliness of the support physiquephysique that we take pleasure in sharing, which will adorn the mursmurs or will always be at hand on the shelves of a library.

Online photo album creation services

In France, online services offering such services are numerous, but uneven in quality. The offer sometimes lacks clarity and the layout tools are not always user-friendly. However, a few safe bets stand out with an offer that is both complete and very readable. The best services offer easy-to-learn authoring software that offers many possibilities, runs online or downloads to the computer. This allows the photographs to be prepared during editing, ensuring that they are of sufficient quality for printing on paper. However, some sites do not offer this possibility and it is then necessary to use its own tools to retouch and improve its shots upstream.

As the competition in this market is fierce and there are many players, these services are changing a lot, for better or worse… Do not hesitate to regularly visit existing sites and consult user forums to stay informed of the latest developments. Promotions are as numerous as they are regular. So, before embarking on a project, remember to consult the offers of the moment and you will make good deals.

However, pay attention to the shipping costs which, very often, are not included in the displayed price and can increase the bill by several euros. Some online services offer them from a minimum amount, others practice decreasing rates.

Focus on the themes of this file

In this dossier, we will discuss the different approaches to creating a photo album while letting your creativity express itself, using software andapplicationsapplications on PCPC or tabletstablets, but also the printing of photos on various media and everyday objects (fabrics, smartphone cases, etc.), or even the binding of the photo book. Good reading.

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