Crédit Agricole du Maroc launches TASBIQ TASDIR for export pre-financing

Always close to operators in the sector, Crédit Agricole du Maroc (CAM), in consultation with the Ministry of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Water and Forests, is mobilizing to provide support to exporters of agricultural products.

Thus, in view of the increase in production volumes, the excellent campaign of the year and taking into account the need for operators to face certain new constraints arising from the health situation, the CAM is revisiting its offer of international financing.

The bank takes note of the increase in costs linked to exports and in particular those linked to logistics (sea or land freight) and inputs (packaging and packaging) and redefines its overall support system by adapting its pre-financing to export now called TASBIQ TASDIR.

Tasbiq Tasdir is a cash loan which allows prefinancing the export campaign in dirhams or in foreign currencies and covers all operations related to export. It can be combined with a term hedge for the management of the exchange risk and will be granted at an advantageous rate, ranging from 3.75% HT to 4.25% HT depending on compliance with the eligibility criteria and the formula chosen by the operator. If the loan is denominated in foreign currency, it will be granted at an advantageous rate in relation to the prevailing rates of the chosen currency.

Tasbiq Tasdir is intended for all operators regardless of their size: farmers, cooperatives, EIGs, packing stations, aggregators….

It will be supported by the deployment of a new specific trading room system with a dedicated desk accessible to all as well as the deployment of a network of regional trades centers responsible for providing the necessary advice and support to operators. . The quotation applied for currency repatriation operations will henceforth be, for farmers, that which the Bank applies to its largest corporate clients.

Tasbiq Tasdir thus completes and enriches the product offering for upstream agricultural players to give them the best chances of succeeding in their export campaign.

Like any loan, Tasbiq Tasdir remains dependent on a validation of the file by the competent committees and a risk assessment consistent with the norms and standards in force.

This launch is part of the Bank’s constant efforts to support all agricultural sectors and encourage them to increase their performance and participate in the implementation of the country’s major strategic orientations, in particular the New Development Model and the implementation work of Generation Green.

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