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The companies It’s Me Y TransUnion came together to provide Colombians with free and unlimited access to their credit score (‘score’).

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Through SoyYo’s digital identity, users will be able to consult, safely, with their own data and in a matter of minutes, their activity or credit reports. This solution will help monitor financial behaviors, facilitate access to credit and correct financial habits to meet your goals.

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Santiago Aldana, CEO of SoyYo maintains that “After the health emergency, our company has become a strategic ally for users by offering digital, easy, fast, safe and free services and procedures. This new alliance will allow users to educate themselves financially and be much more aware of their economy to plan their projects”.

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Carlos Valencia, CEO of TransUnion Colombia and Latin America, reaffirms what important that these types of alliances are, because “They bring the financial consumer, and in general all people, closer to a fundamental issue and that is the empowerment of their financial information. To the extent that people take ownership of their information, that they consult and review it periodically, they will have more tools that allow them to achieve, maintain or improve issues such as the ‘score’, for the benefit of better conditions of access to credit.”.

Knowing the ‘score’, the report of their credit activity, and the history facilitates the consumer’s understanding of how their credit situation is. credit profile. In this way, you can go to the entity that suits you best.

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Currently, users who want to access their ‘score’ or credit score can do so through other means, but at a cost. With the alliance of SoyYo and Transunion, users who register with their data in the application will be able to access their financial information from free way.


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