Criminal gang at the service of the Clan del Golfo dismantled

In an operation carried out in Cartagena and Mahates, in Bolívar, the authorities captured 17 people who they indicated were part of a criminal structure at the service of the Clan del Golfo, dedicated to drug trafficking.

In the operations, in which 150 men from the Police, Army, Military Gaula, Navy and Marine Corps participated, 260 kilos of marijuana were seized, two revolvers, caliber 38, with 10 cartridges, 17 uniforms, 19 caps and a camouflaged warrior for the exclusive use of the Military Forces and four multipurpose vests. In addition, 18 bracelets and 20 caps bearing the names of the Bloque Héroes del Caribe and logos of the Gaitanistas Self-Defense Forces of Colombia were seized, and a radio scanner, Icom IC-R21 brand, with charger and battery.

In execution of Operation King David in which the Attorney General’s Office also collaborated, aimed at countering the commission of the Carlos Vásquez Substructure, belonging to the Gulf Clan, these people were captured by court order, known by the aliases of “ Danger ”,“ Ismaelito ”,“ Jean Paul ”,“ Karina ”,“ Albertico ”,“ El Negro ”,“ El Paisa ”,“ El Mono ”,“ La Flaca ”,“ Pájaro ”,“ Alfonsito ”,“ Carlos “,” El Muo “,” Ever “,” Milena “and” Kate “.

As reported, those captured are linked to drug trafficking crimes, conspiracy to commit a crime, illegal possession of firearms and homicides, under the form of hit men, for this organized armed group. Also captured in this operation was its leader, “Jhorman”, dismantling this criminal structure, with the capture of two middle managers, six hit men and nine drug dealers.

In this coup described as “forceful”, progress was made in the clarification of eight hitmen and two attempts, as a result of the control and territorial dispute over drug trafficking and the distribution of narcotics.

“Apparently this criminal structure would be the determinants and co-perpetrators of the double homicide of councilman José Wilmer Bohórquez Meneses, by the Green Party, in Santamaría (Huila) and his brother Hernando Sáenz Meneses, registered on December 16, 2018, when they enjoyed a ride in a pedicab in the municipality of Tolú (Sucre), a fact that caused consternation at the national level ”, it was specified in a statement.

The authorities reported that 18 simultaneous raids were carried out in the Olaya Herrera neighborhoods, April 9, Villas de Aranjuez, Flor del Campo, La Boquilla district and in the municipality of Mahates (Bolívar), in the early morning of Friday, August 14. .

A criminal in flagrante delicto was also captured and another, known as “Bebeto”, identified as Jorge José Mercado Carmona, 29, who was killed in the Mar Linda sector of the La Boquilla district, when opening fire on the police officers who carried out one of the searches and raids deployed, injuring one of his limbs to one of the officers who commanded the operation, and who is a member of the Criminal Investigation Section of the Metropolitan Police of Cartagena.

“At the press conference granted by the authorities to publicize the details of this coup, the mayor of Cartagena William Dau Chamat said that” for me it was a pride to have participated in this operation, which was a huge blow to combat drugs in Cartagena that it is a serious problem, that generates violence and other crimes derived from drug trafficking ”.

He added that he will always support the police, military and intelligence forces, because “Cartagena respects itself, we must take care of this city and its youth, we must save it from insecurity.”


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