Criminal proceedings – Simon Brandt sentenced for breach of official secrecy

The PLR ​​municipal councilor and former deputy receives an 80-day fine for submitting an internal report to the City of Geneva.

The elected, who had been arrested in the early morning and searched, claims 1.1 million, for moral injury but also for “lost earnings”.


The former deputy and current city councilor Simon Brandt was guilty of violating official secrecy, according to the public prosecutor. The elected PLR receives an 80-day fine at 170 francs per day, or 13,600 francs, with a fine of 2,720 francs and will have to pay half the costs of the procedure, announces “Le Courrier”.

This was opened when a confidential report on the expenses of civil servants of the City of Geneva leaked into the press in mid-December 2018. This audit analyzed the expenses of municipal employees and revealed that half of these were non-compliant. The City had lodged a complaint following this leak.

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