Criminals shot and killed a man during a door strike in Cerrillos

A 43-year-old man died on Tuesday after being shot several times by criminals during a slamming door in the commune of Cerrillos.

The incident occurred in the Acapulco sector with Mérida, in circumstances when the victim – aboard his vehicle – was arriving at his home.

According to the first antecedents, he realized that subjects were following him in another vehicle, without a license plate according to witnesses. At that moment, he stops his march and the antisocials overtake him and intercept him.

From that car, where about four people were going, two get out, intimidate the driver and try to take his keys.

He resisted and there was a struggle, a situation in which the robbers fired approximately four shots, three of which hit the victim: two in the thorax and one in a leg.

Thus, the criminals stole the vehicle and fled aboard it.

While, Family members became aware of the incident and took the man to a care facility, where the death was confirmed.

The Public Ministry instructed the PDI Homicide Brigade the procedure for which there is still no detainee. At the moment they are working with surveillance cameras to find the criminals.


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