Criminals will use Covid-19 evidence as a hook for cyber attacks, specialists warn

The cyber criminals will take advantage of supposed free trials of Covid-19 at Year New to attack users, it ensures DigiCert in their Predictions 2021.

“The scammers will use social engineering to fool users to provide a postal address, phone number, and credit card number with a promise to charge 25 cents to verify your information and qualify for a free Covid-19 trial offer“, Explains Dean Coclin, Senior Director of DigiCert Business Development.

In a statement, it highlights that the offer of false and “government-approved” cutting-edge technologies to combat Covid and take the temperature of those who are in the vicinity will trick users into downloading malicious apps on their smart devices that cybercriminals can leverage to activities malicious.

On the other hand, Coclin warns that unemployment fraud will increase.

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“We will see an even bigger increase in 2021, as the pandemic-focused unemployment programs of governments have lowered barriers to collecting benefits and security methods have not been able to keep up. If we see additional stimulus funds from governments to alleviate the effects of the pandemic, this will only make this a richer channel for scammers. “

You also have to be alert on the subject of taxes therefore with the fluctuation of the tax filing deadlines in 2020, cybercriminals are expected to exploit this to their advantage in 2021. Phishing in tax season will increase dramatically.

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