Crisis in Italy – Why Matteo Renzi wants the head of Giuseppe Conte

By withdrawing his party from the ruling coalition, the former President of the Council deprives Prime Minister Conte of a majority, plunging Italy into an impasse.


On the day the peninsula recorded the eighty-thousandth victim of Covid-19, a sad European record, Italians watched with disbelief as the government crisis opened. A crisis all the more extravagant as it is caused by Matteo Renzi, the politician least liked by Italians, 2% of voting intentions, at the expense of Giuseppe Conte, President of the Council, supported by 52% of Transalpins.

With Matteo Renzi, we should not be surprised at anything. The former mayor of Florence is both the Mozart and the bad kid of Italian politics. Mozart because he became President of the Council at 39 and no one doubts his political genius. Dirty kid because he is capricious, unstable, brittle and treacherous.

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