Cristiano Ronaldo came close to a monumental clash with his coach!

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Portugal almost offered a clash which would have been without any other similar in this World Cup. Record, in its edition of the dayannounces that Cristiano Ronaldo almost packed his bags purely and simply after a tense explanation with Fernando Santos!

Cristiano Ronaldo almost packed his bags!

Against South Korea, Cristiano Ronaldo did not hide his displeasure at giving up his place, and the Portuguese coach did not like it. Publicly announcing that things were settled internally, Santos did indeed have a muscular text explanation with his star, and the latter was upset …

Following this, Cristiano Ronaldo would have simply decided to leave immediately! Before changing his mind once back down in pressure. However, this did not prevent his coach from putting him on the bench in the process against Switzerland.

to summarize

Cristiano Ronaldo quite simply failed to leave the selection of Portugal after the shattering decision of his coach! According to Record, the Portuguese striker did not digest the stormy explanation with his selection and almost left!

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