Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Manchester is a shame for PSG. Krish was supposed to take the Champions League with Lionel Messi

Manchester City and Manchester United are battling for Cristiano Ronaldo in the final days of the transfer market. His move to City initially seemed like a dubious idea. Even Guardiola doesn’t know yetwhat to do with Cristiano. To see the legend of United in the blue uniform of the “townspeople” – krinzh krinjovy. If Krish still prefers other colors to the almost native red side of Manchester, someone will probably hate CriRo, but most will agree: the Portuguese is so great that he has long outgrown club strife and can play for whoever he wants; to see the playing legend at the end of his career in any jersey is already a happiness. But who definitely disappointed was the club, which once hunts for five-star status, but does not even fight the duo from Manchester – PSG.

Qatar is investing in its own brand to attract even more tourists, investors and business partners. The Gulf state invests petrodollars in the economies of Great Britain, the USA, Germany and Russia, and owns European luxury brands like Valentino and Tiffany. For the same purpose, the state holds the 2022 World Cup, promoted PSG and signed Leo Messi into it – to advertise itself.

Championship of Italy

City will offer Juventus for Ronaldo 30 million euros


In the summer of 2021, a lot of factors converged for the great Argentinian and the great Portuguese to move to Paris and play for the same team at the top level.

For the first time, both legends were left without clubs at the same time: Barca could not extend Messi, and Juventus wanted to get rid of Ronaldo. As a result, Leo got PSG very cheaply: 25 million euros as a signature bonus fell into the pocket of the Argentine instead of 700 million from Barcelona’s clausula. Juventus wanted 25-30 million euros for Ronaldo. Just three years ago, Transfermarkt valued the Portuguese at 120 million euros – a substantial discount.

UEFA also did not interfere with PSG. Due to the coronavirus, the organization weakened the FFP, and Paris took advantage of this: signed Leo, Ramos, Donnarumma and Wijnaldum, inflating the payroll to 230 million euros a year. Manchester City proposed to Krish at this time two-year contract and 15 million euros per season. Against the background of the general budget of Paris salaries, 15 cartoons for Ronaldo are a drop in the ocean.

If PSG wanted to fit into the budget or did not understand how to find a place on the pitch for Ronaldo, they still had the opportunity to take Crisch by selling Kylian Mbappe.

Kilian Mbappe

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The world champion’s contract ended a year later, he refused to renew the contract, quarreled with the sportsman of PSG Leonardo. Mbappe has been openly dreaming of Real for several years now and this summer, it seems, convinced the sheikhs to sell himself to Madrid for 170 million euros. According to the message FourKilian has already told his PSG partners that he is leaving and said goodbye to them.

If the Parisians thought faster and got rid of the toxic youth, Ronaldo would be the perfect replacement for Kilian. After all, “Saint-Germain” is more important than the status and brand than the development of talents and education of young people: name at least one demanded graduate of the Parisian academy, except for Kingsley Coman.

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The stage of development of PSG as an advertising project was also successful for the unification of Messi and Ronaldo. Paris dreams of taking the Champions League in the year of the Qatari World Cup. The teams for which Leo and Krish have played have won the Champions League nine times in 16 years. That is, with this pair, PSG practically guaranteed itself gold medals at the Gazprom Arena in the early summer of 2022.

The World Cup in Qatar could not have dreamed of better advertising, and the fans would have tears of happiness from looking at Messi and Ronaldo with the joint trophy. It could have been the most beautiful point in the history of the rivalry between two geniuses, and the sheikhs deservedly acted as its co-authors.

Nasser Al-Khalafi

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Taking Krish and Messi into one team is like uniting Maradona and Pele, but this opportunity is lost forever. Of course, someday we’ll see legends dressed in the same uniform – either in charity matches or at David Beckham’s MLS retirement club. In the summer of 2021, PSG could write history, but it remained just a regular bag of money.

Manchester United tried to intercept Ronaldo, but Cristiano chose City
Mbappe said goodbye to his teammates at PSG. Real Madrid is preparing a presentation of Kilian

Championship of Italy

Ronaldo notified Juventus of his intention to leave and took things from the closet



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