Cristina Hurtado falls in love with dance in her first months of pregnancy

The renowned presenter Cristina Hurtado shared with his followers on social networks a fun dance in her first months of pregnancy, which she announced a few weeks ago with her partner, actor and presenter Josse Narvaez.

Through her Instagram account, where she has more than 5.4 million followers, the model showed herself very happy moving her hips to the beat of the popular ‘Breakfast Challenge’ sound, which already accumulates more than 8 million videos on the TikTok platform.

Wearing quite comfortable sportswear, the businesswoman was seen performing the choreography from her home, offering her best dance steps and the best attitude in this new stage that she experiences again after 15 years.

After its publication, in which it achieved close to a million reproductions with a few hours of sharing, it obtained almost 90 thousand “likes” and hundreds of comments where it was once again congratulated on its pregnancy and its surprising energy.

“Ayy how beautiful”, “divine as always”, “congratulations on that beautiful pregnancy”, “tremendous attitude of that woman”, “you can see her tummy” and “surely it will be a girl”, were some of the messages that his followers left him.

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