Cristina Kirchner official: Graciana Peñafort exploded in insults against Justice on Twitter

Amado Boudou and Graciana Peñafort, during a hearing of the trial for the adulteration of documentation and the purchase of Economy cars Credit:

“Sons of a great whore the Commodore Py Cassation Chamber … In January 2018, these cretins did not deign to open the fair to [el excanciller] Hector Timerman, who was dying, pieces of shit. And now they open it to [el fiscal Carlos] Stornelli, who is in good health and free, “he wrote on Twitter. Graciana Peñafort, General Director of Legal Affairs of the Senate, from where she guards the signature of Cristina Kirchner.

Minutes later, Peñafort deleted the tweet. More than a regret, it was an amendment. The lawyer of Beloved Boudou and the late former Foreign Minister Timerman was outraged against the Chamber of Cassation because he believed that the highest criminal court had endorsed the appeal filed against the partial confirmation of the prosecution to the prosecutor Carlos Stornelli in the case investigating the alleged illegal espionage and extortion, in charge of the federal judge of Dolores, Alejo Ramos Padilla. However, it was the Federal Chamber of Mar del Plata which resolved, in the middle of the judicial fair in January, admit appeals.

Graciana Peñafort tweeted insults against Comodoro Py’s Cassation Chamber and then deleted it, because he had made the wrong court

Peñafort then he clarified that, although the Federal Chamber of Criminal Cassation has not yet issued on the matter, it maintained its insult against the Federal Chamber of Mar del Plata. He also added that in 2018 he only obtained the help of “decent and humane” federal judge Sergio Torres, who granted Timerman’s release “for humanitarian reasons.”

The judges Bernardo Bidel and Eduardo Jimenez, that make up the fair hall of the Chamber of Mar del Plata, argued that in the case in which the prosecutor Stornelli is prosecuted “issues are debated that, due to their effects and social connotations, can effectively raise a situation of institutional gravity.” For this reason, it enabled “the casatoria instance in an exceptional way.” Now, the highest federal criminal court in the country will be in charge of deciding whether to agree to review the appeals or to finalize the resolution Mar del Plata.

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