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First-time buyers are sometimes, even very often, lost when it comes to selecting their manufacturer. What are the criteria to take into account to choose a trustworthy company? What are the specificities of the brand Stone Houses and how to get an opinion on it? Here are a few things to think about.

The construction of a main residence

Whether you are a young single person or a couple wishing to acquire their main residence, we do not always think of building their home. However, the advantages of this solution are numerous and there are often far fewer barriers than one would imagine when you are a first-time buyer.

First of all, the fact of becoming an owner changes radically compared to a position of tenant. When a person rents their accommodation, it does not belong to them. In addition, it sees its rents increasing every year, and has only a limited choice in terms of layout, number of rooms and possibilities of customization. Conversely, the owner is really at home, reimburses fixed monthly payments and has a home that corresponds to him.

By buying a new home, you overcome the limits of the old. Indeed, most old homes do not meet environmental standards, which is reflected in energy bills. Additional costs related to possible renovations can be added and the owner pays property taxes in the first year.

Having a house built means having an up-to-date design from an environmental point of view, without any renovation work to be done. It also means benefiting from an exemption from property tax during the first two years.

Finally, the purchase of an individual house rather than an apartment also has many advantages: no co-ownership, presence of an outdoor space, complete autonomy, immediate access to the home, non-promiscuity, security for your vehicles … The owner can therefore enjoy more freedoms than within a building.

Get an opinion on Maisons Pierre: the advantages that make the difference

To make a reviews of Maisons Pierre, specialist in the construction of individual dwellings, it is necessary to look at its offer. Maisons Pierre offers several ranges of buildings, the sites of which are based on the following pillars:

  • Eco-performance, through an efficient and economical heating system.
  • A quality frame, thanks to a crawl space construction and quality thermal insulation for the floor, walls and attics.
  • An intelligent system, using an energy manager and automated control of the heating system. The result is a reduction in energy bills and a better comfort of life.
  • Manufacturer’s guarantees with the ten-year guarantee, the two-year guarantee, and the presence of an after-sales service attentive to each customer for the 10 years following the completion of the site.
  • Homes that adapt to all lifestyles, since buyers can choose from 4 ranges of houses, through which there are more than 25 models and more than 70 different plans.

Who are the teams deployed for each project?

Maisons Pierre and the opinions of this builder are not based solely on their housing offer. To get a clear idea of ​​what it offers, it is also necessary to look at the expertise and the means implemented in favor of each real estate project.

From start to finish, a certain number of specialists intervene to monitor the services rendered. The goal? Provide personalized service, as close as possible to customer expectations:

  • Commercial advisor: the first point of contact with Maisons Pierre, it is used to define the project, choose the land, set up the financing and select the plans most suited to the customer’s wishes.
  • Administrative manager: he takes charge of the procedures to be carried out upstream of the site, including in particular the application for a building permit and financing solutions.
  • Launcher: the person who ensures the transition between the administrative phase and the start of work. It is the interlocutor who finally validates all the contractual, administrative, technical and financial details.
  • Works supervisor: Maisons Pierre’s sole point of contact when the work starts, until the keys are handed over. It is he who defines the stages of construction and controls their implementation. With an important professional experience, he is the coordinator of all the actors of the construction (craftsmen, technicians, surveyors…).
  • Quality control engineer: it is the expert who checks the structures, the risk zones, the implementation of the regulations in force … He also ensures that the construction follows the wishes of the customer and acts as a referent. vis-à-vis external control bodies.
  • After-sales service technician: he is the person who liaises with the owner and Maisons Pierre after the work is completed, for a period of 10 years.

How does the manufacturer support its customers?

Getting an opinion on Maisons Pierre implies understanding how the builder supports his customers throughout the real estate project. Each stage has its own contact person, and this begins in the development phase, when the client asks why he should build, how he would be able to find financing, or even what type of house to choose.

During the administrative procedures, the future owners are supported in the preparation of their file, their loan application, the purchase of the land and the application for a building permit. During the construction phase, they benefit from a real planning of the site. Regular monitoring is ensured so that they are kept informed on a regular basis, in full transparency: they benefit from a weekly report.

Maisons Pierre and the opinions on this company also evoke delivery at the price and time limits defined upstream of the project. An expert is present when the keys are handed over, and buyers are given a practical guide to take charge of their new home. Then, for 10 years, they are insured by the manufacturer’s guarantees and can contact the Maisons Pierre after-sales service in the event of a problem.

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