Criticism of Macron for violating the rules before his positive

A day after testing positive for coronavirus, President Emmanuel Macron reassured the French on Friday about his health and assured in a video on Twitter that find “good”. His positive for covid-19 is, however, surrounded by controversy for not applying to himself the rules and restrictions that he demands of his fellow citizens.

Its symptoms are mild. “Tiredness, headache and dry cough,” explained the head of state in a video of about three minutes recorded with his mobile phone from La Lanterne, the secondary residence of French presidents at Versailles, near Paris. Macron will fulfill the seven-day quarantine recommended by the country’s health authorities there.

The president, who continues to work during his isolation, urged the French to “be careful” and to continue applying the health instructions against covid-19 especially during these Christmas holidays because as his positive demonstrates “this virus can affect anyone. “No one is safe”Macron reiterated. His positive is, in any case, surrounded by controversy. Many French people have criticized him on social networks for organizing a dinner on Wednesday with members of the Government and the parliamentary majority, in which they skipped the recommended capacity of six people and the curfew. The next day he tested positive.

Dinner, held in the Elysee Party HallIt lasted two hours and ended after midnight. However, in France there is a curfew from December 15 from eight in the afternoon to six in the morning. The only exception is on Christmas Eve, without time restrictions. Macron and his eleven diners removed their masks to eat, but social distancing was respected, according to the official version.

“He does not lead by example”

“The President of the Republic gives lessons, but does not set an example,” criticized the far-right MEP Jean-Lin Lacapelle. After confirming that the president had coronavirus, the Elysee contacted the people Macron had met in the last days. His positive had a domino effect in his close circle, in the Government and in several European capitals. French Prime Minister Jean Castex, Spanish President Pedro Sánchez and Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa, among others, are in quarantine after meeting him this week in Paris. Brigitte Macron has isolated herself on the Elysee.

Where and when was Macron infected? French Health Minister Olivier Véran said on Thursday that it “possibly” was during the European summit of heads of state and government held on December 10-11 in Brussels. The French press wonders if there is a source of coronavirus contagion at the top of the EU. The Prime Minister of Slovakia, Igor Matovic, who yesterday tested positive for coronavirus, also participated in this meeting.


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