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The situation regarding community rights Lgtbi in Poland it is worrying. This group is branded as “fascist” by the conservative sectors of the government.

Janusz Kowalski, the Polish Minister for State Goods, said that all of Poland should be a “Lgtbi free zone”, Noting that the country’s constitution only recognizes the family between men and women.

Dozens of Polish provinces have declared themselves’ territories free of LGBTI ideology ‘after the so-called’ Charter of the rights to families’, a document that promotes conservative values. And although it has no legal value, it does have a very high symbolic load.

“We must not allow a single euro to be taken away from Poland, from Polish local governments, from any Polish institution for complying with the law, for saying ‘no’ to LGBT ideology, for protecting the Polish family”Kowalskien said an allocusion.

Human rights activists have called the initiative “discriminatory”.

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The president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, said that in the European Union there is no place for the so-called ‘free zones of the LGBT community’ and made a harsh criticism of the Polish nationalist government.

“Lgtbi-free zones are humanity-free zones. And they have no place in our European Union”, apuntó Von der Leyen.

For his part, the Polish Deputy Minister of Justice, Michal Wójcik, stressed that the European Union wants to introduce norms that violate the local constitution “by pressing for the demands of the Lgtbi community.”

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The European Union wants to introduce rules that violate the Polish constitution

“I would recommend that President Ursula von der Leyen read the Polish constitution, in which it is clearly written what marriage is about,” Wojcik told the Catholic daily Nasz Dziennik.

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Von der Leyen also announced an upcoming strategy to strengthen the rights of the LGBT community. and said he will propose to extend the list of “hate crimes” to include those motivated by race, religion, gender or sex.

“Being yourself is not your ideology: it is your identity, and nobody can take it away from you,” said the official.

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Being yourself is not your ideology: it is your identity, and no one can take it from you

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He also announced that he will appoint the first anti-racism coordinator, to help put that problem at the top of the European agenda.

“I will not rest until I build a Union of equality in which you can be who you are and love whoever you want without fear or recrimination,” he closed.

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