Criticism of ‘Who is who?’ (2020): Silly ‘body swap’

Anton Merikaetxebarria

A particular Gallic family, whose members one bad day wake up in each other’s bodies, star in this crude parody with an unmistakably French aftertaste, in a kind of ‘body swap’ that is not quite funny. A whole series of misunderstandings stitch an anecdote with unnecessary eschatological borders, without the forced ‘gags’ that arise from time to time manage to animate the development of the shed a bit. A routine staging, without the characteristic French ‘charm’, together with a cast of circumstances, also fail to overcome the forced foot from which ‘Who is who?’ Starts, whose final result could not be more silly.

The plot premise itself was not bad. It depends on how it is used. Unfortunately, the filmmaker Jean-Patrick Benes and the histrionic actor Frank Dubosc do not establish any distance between the images and the viewer: there is no irony, there is no good humor, there is no cynicism and there is no critical spirit. In addition, when it comes to characters that, like here, border on the grotesque, shabby or dandruff, you have to know how to use them. The popular, in the best and noblest sense of the term, has nothing to do with the broad brush. In France, but also in Spain, a screeching phenomenon is taking place, of which this comedy is the tip of the iceberg.

Who is who?

  • France. 2020. 100 m. (7). Comedy.

  • Director:
    Jean-Patrick Benes.

  • Interpreters:
    Alexandra Lamy, Franck Dubosc.


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