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Criticized GTA Trilogy DE, Fixed 116 Bugs

▲ GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition (Photo Source: Rockstar Official Website)

GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition, which has received a rating of 0.5 (out of 10) from Metacritic users due to its lack of completeness and numerous bugs, and has even tarnished the reputation of Rockstar Games, has fixed 116 bugs through patch 1.03.

1 day (domestic time) 1.03 patchVarious bugs such as resolution crack improvement, texture correction such as ‘hot dog finger’, numerous spelling errors, visual bugs in which environmental objects such as grass and rain appear indoors or in cars, camera problems, and UI related problems have been fixed. Not everything in the game is perfect with this patch, but there are reviews that it’s visually improved.

Earlier, Rockstar Games said, “We apologize for not meeting the expectations of our fans, and we apologize for the various issues surrounding the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition.” It has been stated that

Meanwhile, the Korean version of GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition will be officially released on December 7th. Amid the unprecedented bad reviews, let’s see how far Rockstar Games’ next steps can restore the lost credibility.


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