Cross-border integration to find the traditional cultural expression on the screen “Youth Guardian” premiered today

Cross-border integration to find the traditional cultural expression on the screen “Youth Guardian” premiered today

2021-12-24 14:14:41Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network News. The first domestic original youth cultural heritage program “Youth Guardian”, created by Tianjin Satellite TV and broadcast exclusively on Youku, will premiere on Tianjin Satellite TV at 21:20 tonight. The reporter learned from the column team today that in the first program of this cross-border integration cultural column, Deyun Club actors Luan Yunping, Meng Hetang, Zhou Jiuliang, Yang Jiulang, and Zhang Jiunan will transform into “Shouyi Troupe” and join hands with Xiang Zuo and Jiang Luxia. Convene Wing Chun inheritors and Kung Fu experts to present the broad and profound Chinese martial arts.

In an interview with reporters, the head of the column director group stated that “Youth Guardian” is composed of Luan Yunping, Meng Hetang, Zhou Jiuliang, Yang Jiulang, Zhang Jiunan and other members to form a “shouyi troupe”, together with surprise flying guests, combined with the most popular culture of young people nowadays. The theme is expressed with youthful innovation, keeping the poetic flavor of traditional culture, highlighting the beauty of traditional Chinese culture through variety show interpretation, and presenting the ingenuity of the artists. As the tacit partner of the Deyun Club, the “Shouyi Group” on the stage has a clear positioning: Luan Yunping is restrained and reserved; Meng Hetang is excellent in singing and dancing and has a sense of fashion; Zhou Jiuliang is excellent in playing and speaking; Yang Jiulang is an assistant to the Luan team; Zhang Jiunan adjusted the atmosphere.

On the other hand, different from previous cultural programs, “Youth Keeper of the Artist” has both a sense of entertainment of “a relaxing moment” and a heavy sense of traditional culture. Excavation of depth and spiritual core.

For example, the first episode of the program has the theme of “Kung Fu King”, with action actors Xiang Zuo and Jiang Luxia as the conveners, and invites “Kung Fu Woman” Sun Linya, “Ip Man Second Generation Heir” Dong Chonghua, and the girl group SING to share their feelings. The broadness and profoundness of Chinese martial arts. The programs they bring include “Shaolin Boys”, which is a mix of cross talk and Shaolin Kungfu; “Red Lotus”, which combines martial arts and women’s singing and dance; The director group introduced: “Many young people feel that traditional culture is outdated, but in fact, everyone has not really walked in. We hope that through some attempts to break the circle and cross-border expressions, young people can see traditional culture and fall in love with it. .”

“Youth Guardian” is designed to attract more young people to fall in love with traditional culture through a variety of innovative designs such as performances, singing and dancing, interactive interviews, and games. In the choice of themes, the director group said that the roots come from traditional culture. “The guests invited to the theme of each issue also strive to break the stereotypes. Intangible cultural heritage inheritors and ordinary people who are keen to spread traditional culture are among the invitations. “

How to create new ideas for cultural programs in the current screen country trend and cultural craze?The director group said: “The threshold for viewing many cultural programs is relatively high, which will give some audiences a sense of distance. Relatively speaking, the threshold of “Youth Guardian” is more universal, giving the audience a sense of participation. Resonate and resonate, and make traditional culture more agile and full through modern fashion sense.” Picture courtesy of Sun Huan, a journalist from Xi’an Newspaper.


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