Crosscall launches Action X5, its new smartphone perfect for adventure and mountain

L’Action-X5, creator of memories

Crosscall which, since its creation, encourages users to take action and live every moment to the fullest, launches theACTION-X5. A smartphone designed for all those who live on the move and who affirm a lifestyle where the search for new experiences is essential and where inaction has no place. Because where there is action, there is life.

The ACTION-X5 thus has a 48 MP camera at normal angle (80 °) and a wide angle camera of 120 degrees (13MP) at the rear but also at the front. A very handy wide angle in selfie mode for anyone who has ever experienced the feeling of not having your arm long enough to have everyone in the picture. The ACTION-X5 natively embeds the X-CAM application developed by Crosscall, which allows you to film by choosing the desired angle but also the most suitable mode such as the traditional SLOWMOTION or TIMELAPSE or even the DASHCAM mode, which allows you to leave his phone filming continuously and keeping only the last seconds. A capture mode perfectly suited to moments of action where the best sequences are often the most unpredictable. To these modes, the user can add the HYPERSTAB functionality which allows the horizon to remain straight when filming in motion, thanks to a horizontality corrector developed by the Crosscall teams in collaboration with its partners.

After having captured even the most intense moments, the user becomes a director with X-STORY, the CROSSCALL application installed natively on the ACTION-X5. An editing app that instantly turns recorded videos into unforgettable movies. Easy to use and intuitive, it allows you to cut, adjust your sequences, add music in a few clicks and instantly share your video from anywhere.

No need to wait until you get home to work on editing and share your highlights!

With its Qualcomm 6115 Octocore processor chosen by Crosscall engineers for its alliance between performance and energy saving, and its 3,850 mAh battery, the ACTION-X5 will adapt to all uses and meet the needs of duration: up to 25 hours in communication or 11 hours in GPS use without having to recharge it and 13 days on standby.

A design made for adventure


The ACTION-X5 is a product with a resolutely sporty design that challenges the rules of the game. Its materials, identity, color and rhythmic lines are directly inspired by the world of sport. An aesthetic that perfectly embodies the design identity of the French brand and gives pride of place to use. Indeed, the design and the materials used for the conception of the Action-X5 are not there by chance, they were thought to best adapt to the uses in the field.

Designed with a 5: 45 ” 18: 9 screen, the ACTION-X5 is the perfect compromise between comfortable readability and an ideal grip. Thanks to its format, it is possible to access 80% of the screen with one hand. The ACTION-X5 screen can be used with wet fingers thanks to WET TOUCH technology, and the GLOVE TOUCH can also be used with gloves. Super practical for filming your snowboarding exploits or just making a phone call at the top of the slopes! And with a functional use between -25 ° C and + 60 °, it withstands the most extreme temperatures and can accompany the user to the four corners of the globe.

The benefits of action-X5 for the mountain


• Filming your best wide angle ski descents with the integrated action-cam and its 120 ° wide angle by fixing the ACTION-X5 on his chest thanks to the X-CHEST

• No fear of dropping your phone even in the snow thanks to its resistance to shocks and drops and its waterproofness

• No more fear of running out of battery due to the cold, it is resistant to cold and will keep its autonomy throughout the day

• The X-CAM app allows you to choose your angle of view (80 or 120 ° in classic mode or in selfie mode) to film your best moments and to film the landscapes at the top.

• LED notification: without looking at the screen, it knows if it is filming or not

• With the HYERSTAB functionality, no more loss of horizontality, you can film your best figures and have an optimal rendering, film the ski descents in a fluid way to transcribe the impression of lightness in the powder, to embark people in the action

• With the X-STORY app, it only takes a few seconds to edit the film of his day and share it with his friends or on social networks

• With X-TALK, it is now easy to use to communicate with several people to meet at the bottom of the slopes or to organize the start times at the snowpark. No need to pick up your phone or take off your gloves, just press the side button to talk. In climbing and particularly on multi-pitch routes, it is now possible to communicate with your partner. No more shouting “dry!” To his partner and be afraid he didn’t hear us.

• The ACTION-X5 can be used by climbers even when their hands are full of chalk, it is impervious to liquids but also to dust, even the finest.

• Programmable keys: combined with the screen lock, his phone becomes a real camera that can be handled with gloves, the video mode is always ready, he can concentrate on the action without having to enter menus that are difficult to access with gloves, with the hands wet, in the rain, in the snow, avoids leaving the photo / video menu in an untimely way.

Crosscall transforme ses smartphones en talkie-walkie


Two programmable buttons located on the edge of the phone and perfectly positioned under the index finger and thumb, allow you to set the desired functions. The programmable button located under the index finger has been designed for a simple and intuitive use of Push-to-Talk: with its X-TALK application, Crosscall allows you to use your smartphone as a walkie-talkie and to communicate with several people from simultaneous and instantaneous way without limit of distances. Whether it’s during a skiing session, a multi-pitch climbing outing or by bike, there are many activities where you would like to communicate with your group quickly and where the use of a walkie-talkie could prove useful. With X-TALK installed natively on their ACTION-X5, sports and outdoor activity enthusiasts will now have the possibility of easily communicating and sharing their positions via a tool that is always at their fingertips. Trailers, mountain bikers and skiers will thus be able to communicate with their friends in a single gesture and without having to stop in their activity!

L’ACTION-X5 is available tomorrow on
and from authorized resellers at a price of 549.90 euros including tax (recommended retail price).

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