Crowds of networks register for the competency assessment exam of Vietnam National University, Hanoi

According to the latest statistics from VNU, there are currently 41,000 candidates successfully registered for 45,000 seats, of which mainly 303 and 304 exams (ie exams in April).

Candidates in the capacity assessment exam of Vietnam National University, Hanoi (Photo: Quoc Toan).

Safety is more important than scale

Explaining this, Mr. Thao said that students do not want to take the exam too close because they may not have enough time to accumulate knowledge, so the two exams in April were fully booked after only 10 minutes of opening the gate. and currently only cases 301 and 302 remain (testing in March).

“The goal of dividing the competency assessment exam into several batches is to distribute the load. However, too many candidates want to enter the same exam with the most favorable timeline, the system can’t meet it.” Professor Thao said.

Regarding the reflection of candidates who have successfully registered but have not yet received an email from the school, Professor Thao said that when they received a notification of successful registration from the system and even if they have not received an email, they can still rest in peace. Your mind has got an exam.

Answering that VNU will continue to upgrade the system to avoid overcrowding in the near future, Prof. Thao said that the school will continue to upgrade, but it is difficult to solve all the aspirations of the candidates.

“The reason for saying that is because VNU’s ability assessment exam is a computer-based exam, and when the scale is upgraded to meet all candidates’ needs, it can be solved completely.

If the transmission line is upgraded but the scale only stops at this rate, there must still be a situation where candidates are waiting for registration because the number of registrations at the same time is too large.

Many feedbacks, saying why VNU did not increase its scale, open more places for candidates to register.

We want the safety of the exam to be number one, not necessarily the size, so VNU still keeps the number of seats as it was originally designed,” said Prof. Thao.

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