Crown party now with Desi Slava blew up Bansko VIDEO

The management of the hotel where the restaurant is located claims that the party lasted until 22:00 and with 12 people

Another signal for a party in a hotel restaurant with the participation of a folk singer and more than the admissible guests. The party this time is in Bansko. There turned out to be working establishments in Sofia as well, Bulgaria On Air informs.

Toasts, cheerful mood and loud music performed by the folk singer Desislava. Videos uploaded on social networks show more than 15 people celebrating a birthday. The place and the date are also marked in the videos – Bansko, February 12, 2021.

The celebration lasts until dawn. At least according to one of the last videos, uploaded at 7 am on Saturday. The hotel management confirmed that on Friday night in a restaurant there was a birthday with the participation of the singer Desislava.

According to them, however, the people were around 12 and the celebration ended at 22:00. Even today the hotel is full. But none of the party showed up while our team was there. And the singer Desislava did not pick up her phone.

As BLIC has already announced, it turned out that there are working establishments in Sofia as well. Two hours before midnight, the inspection of the RHI and the police started from a restaurant in the center of Sofia.

When the inspectors appeared, the bartender pulled back the curtains on the front door and did not allow the RHI employees and the police to enter the site.

Behind the curtain, it turns out that the bartender is not alone. A few minutes later, the inspectors were admitted to the restaurant.

“No customers were identified in the case, disinfectants were provided for the countertop and surfaces, there was only one person inside – the bartender, possibly, if there is a customer, to provide food for home,” said Daria Velkova of the Sofia Regional Health Inspectorate.

The inspection continues with a hotel and restaurant on Oborishte Street, which are closed.

“This facility is not functioning, a sign has been put up that it will not work due to the epidemic situation,” she added.

SDVR and RHI officers also inspected several fast food outlets in the Lyulin district, a building with suspicions of gathering people and a pub, all of which turned out to be closed.

However, the inspectors were not allowed into the site and remained waiting in front of it for hours.

“At the moment the situation is that we are waiting, it is possible to have staff inside, but it is also possible that there are clients, there is no way to find something we have not seen, so we will wait as long as necessary. we are waiting to find out what is actually inside, “Velkova said.

The fines for non-compliance with the orders of the health authorities are from BGN 300 to BGN 500 for individuals and from BGN 500 to BGN 2,000 for legal entities.

BLITZ reminds that some time ago another famous musician was touched at such a noisy party, but in Plovdiv. Milko Kalaydzhiev, also known as the “Mustache of the Republic”, raised its voice at a private party with more than the allowable number of people in the city under the hills.


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