Cruise: These five new ships offer flashy luxury

“Scarlet Lady”: Cruise without children

Richard Branson gave a big grin when five weeks ago in Miami the lines of the “Scarlet Lady” finally loosened. As early as March 2020, the head of the Virgin Group, who is successful with airplanes, space shuttles and hotels and now wants to stir up the cruise industry, presented the Virgin Voyages flagship.

Little did the Briton know at the time that he would have to cancel his ship’s maiden voyage on April 1st. Because shortly after the presentation, the Corona crisis broke out and the 278 meter long cruiser was stuck in Great Britain. Only now, 20 months late, did the first go Sailors (in German: Sailors, that’s what Virgin Voyages calls the passengers) on a Caribbean cruise.

And they realized: on the “Scarlet Lady” a lot is different than usual. It starts with the fact that children are not allowed on board, there is no dress code, captains diner or buffets. Instead, there is free choice of seating and casual clothing in 20 restaurants, where drag queens are already serving. There are no surcharges for gourmet menus, and the mostly exorbitantly expensive WiFi on board is also included in the price of the trip.

Target group of the „Scarlet Lady“ are under 30-year-olds who have previously struggled with cruises – like Branson in his youth. That’s why he decided at the time to build ships to his taste himself, on which he would like to go on vacation, said the 71-year-old in interviews.

The “Scarlet Lady” is an adult-only cruiser, which means that children are not allowed on board

Source: Virgin Voyages

A basketball and outdoor boxing field, the first tattoo studio on the high seas and rock star cabins with guitars and amplifiers would be there for his attitude towards life on board. A yoga studio, thermal spa and a separate lounge area for 78 suite owners are concessions for passengers with an affinity for luxury. The “Scarlet Lady” has space for 2770 guests and 1160 crew members.

Two more ships have since been built based on their model. The “Valiant Lady” and the “Resilient Lady” are scheduled to sail the Mediterranean in the summer of 2022, and the same applies there: only for adults. Category: relaxed. Five days in the terrace cabin from / to Miami cost from 975 euros per person.

“Silver Dawn”: wellness in the style of the Romans

What is luxury at sea? Silversea Cruises’ answer is as follows: Crusaders arrive with a chauffeur, there are only suites and personal butlers, caviar can be ordered around the clock, and everything on board, whether champagne or spa treatments, is included in the price.

On the cruise ship

Luxurious: On the “Silver Dawn” there are only balcony suites

Which: Silversea Cruises / Fiippo Vinardi

The maiden voyage of the „Silver Dawn“ at. It is a 211 meter long liner for just 596 guests. And these would “dive into luxury” even deeper than on the other nine ships in the Silversea fleet, according to the Italian shipping company.

Cruise: On the

On the “Silver Dawn” the guests are also spoiled with culinary delights

Quelle: LUCIA GRIGGI /Silversea Cruises

That is meant literally, “Silver Dawn” is planning a new wellness concept that, like in the times of the Caesars, should focus on the combination of music, poetry, food and wine in the spa: perhaps couples massages with violins in the background, treatments over tea and ancient poems. That has its price: a week in the balcony suite from Fort Lauderdale from 3510 euros per person.

“AIDAcosma”: A cleaner cruise ship

Green cruising, green cruises – the German shipping company Aida Cruises has set itself this goal with the new one „Cosma“ closer. Because the 337-meter-long megaliner for 5440 passengers runs on low-emission liquefied natural gas (LNG). Sounds good, but that means the CO2-Emissions only 20 percent lower compared to a marine diesel ship.

Cruise: The

The “AIDAcosma” runs on low-emission liquefied natural gas (LNG)

Source: AIDA Cruises

The “AIDAnova”, which went into service in 2018, was the world’s first LNG cruise ship; From 2022, it will be the first to be equipped with fuel cells. If the drive proves itself, the “Cosma” will also receive it. It is largely identical to the “Nova”.

New is a fun park with an indoor playground, pool, water slide and boulder wall. The “Cosma” sees itself as a family ship, 21 cabin variants create flexibility, even couples with three children can find space.

Cruise: The lounges on the

The lounges on the “AIDAcosma” are squeaky colorful

Source: Aida Cruises

Six buffet, five specialty and six à la carte restaurants, 23 bars and lounges, a shopping mall and a theatrium are spread across the 20 decks. Category: family. Seven days in the balcony cabin from / to Mallorca cost from 845 euros per person.

“Norwegian Prima”: Longest go-kart track at sea

Eight years ago, Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) announced a new class of ship. And as the first of six planned liners of the Leonardo Class, the „Norwegian Prima“ Drive up. It is visually surprising, for example with large balconies, more pool and sun decks, but disappoints in terms of sustainability.

Low-emission fuels, more environmentally friendly engines? Nothing. At 295 meters, the “Prima” is smaller than the “Norwegian Bliss” – and still appears more spacious. Because instead of 4004 passengers as on the “Bliss”, a maximum of 3200 passengers can vacation on the “Prima”.

Cruise: The go-kart track of the

The “Norwegian Prima” kart track has 14 large curves

Quelle: ©Norwegian Cruise Line

With 214 of them staying particularly comfortably in a kind of boutique hotel – “The Haven by Norwegian” in the stern with a restaurant, sundeck and outdoor spa is reserved for suite owners.

The remaining 3,000 passengers have the choice between six cabin categories, nine restaurants and all kinds of entertainment: They can stroll over Oceanwalk glass bridges, take selfies in front of modern art in the on-board sculpture garden or test “The Drop”, a slide on the outside of the ship. If you get on above, you will fall past ten decks and feel the force of gravity.

Cruise: To the entertainment program of the

The entertainment program of the “Norwegian Prima” also includes an Oceanwalk glass bridge

Quelle: ©Norwegian Cruise Line

The longest go-kart track at sea, which is 420 meters longer than the one on the “Norwegian Joy”, which in 2017 was the first cruise ship to surprise with such a racetrack, also provides a thrill. The speedway on the new “Prima” leads over three floors and in 14 curves around the chimney.

Roaring engines that accelerate the karts to 50 kilometers per hour, screeching tires – that sounds like a lot of noise. 15 drivers can turn around at the same time. But if you believe the shipping company, other passengers shouldn’t hear much about it, not even on Ocean Boulevard, a promenade with bars and infinity pools that runs around the ship.

The “Prima” will sail to Iceland, Norway and the Baltic States in the summer of 2022. Category: entertaining. Ten days in the balcony cabin from Amsterdam cost from 3574 euros per person.

„Carnival Celebration“: Achterbahn an Bord

The shipping company Carnival Cruise Line shows that there is always more going on in the cruise industry. For example, passengers on jet-ski-like vehicles can do daring laps on a roller coaster on board a ship, 56 meters above the surface of the water.

Cruise: A roller coaster crowns the top deck of the

A roller coaster crowns the top deck of the “Carnival Celebration”

Quelle: Carnival Cruise Line

The attraction premiered on the “Mardi Gras” – and on the new one „Carnival Celebration“, which goes on its maiden voyage from Southampton to Miami on November 6, 2022, the circuit is getting even more curves.

The 345 meter long giant holds 5374 passengers and 1735 crew members, has 21 restaurants and bars, ten swimming pools and whirlpools. Category: rapid. Eight days in the balcony cabin from / to Miami cost from 649 euros per person.

This is how you leave the day on the cruise ship

So you can end the day on the cruise ship “Carnival Celebration” in luxury

Quelle: Carnival Cruise Line

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