Cruz Azul player made the ‘muertinha’ that Joel Huiqui immortalized

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One of the plays that the former defender immortalized Joel huiqui was the famous “muertinha”, an action with which he tried to avoid a goal in a Semifinal between Cruz Azul and Morelia in the Apertura 2009 and which was once again a topic of conversation this November 14 by a similar play in the Women’s.

Curiously, the Machine was again involved in the action, since it was its player, Daniela monroy, who tried to avoid a shot from Estela Gomez when she put her hand in, although in her case she was not so exposed because she was already falling.

However, as with Huiqui, no penalty was scored, a situation that was lamented by Santos Femenil in their social networks, since it was a clear play.

A few months ago Paul Delgadillo even acknowledged that it was his worst mistake In his refereeing career, not having marked that foul, which has generated endless ridicules of former defender.

“The biggest mistake for me was that of Joel Huiqui, a hand in a Semifinal, Cruz Azul against Morelia, who is lying down, practically lying on the grass, he passes the ball to the side and with his hand he takes the ball from the player and I did not see it. As it was not such a high-profile game, people don’t remember, they remember other games more, “he said in an interview with ESPN.


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