Cruz Azul vs Tigres: Cabecita missed a penalty after Nahuel’s distraction

Abigail parra

Mexico City / 17.10.2020 22:55:57

Jonathan Rodriguez had the opportunity to put an advantage Blue Cross before Tigers with a penalty, but the Uruguayan failed her.

Little head he could not with the mental game that the goalkeeper interposed Nahuel Guzman, who usually talks to shooters to get them out of concentration.

This time, the Patón at first he got on his knees and immediately Rodríguez claimed the central defender, who asked the goalkeeper to stop.

Once Guzmán stood up, Andre Pierre Gignac He also complained to the referee and again the Argentine goalkeeper squatted down.

Hartado, Eduardo Galván has already requested that the maximum penalty be executed.

After the whole show Cabecita took the ball, placed it on the spot and shot, but sent it to the side and missed.


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