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[표]Cryptocurrency price (provided by cryptocurrency exchange Upbit)

Currently, according to the cryptocurrency exchange “Upbit”, the price of Bitcoin, the leader of the virtual currency, is trading at 58,380,000 won, down -217,000 won (-0.37%) from the previous day.

Except for Bitcoin, cryptocurrency trends are mixed.

There are a total of eight cryptocurrencies showing an upward trend, of which Argo, which shows the largest upward trend, is trading at 435 won, up 10.13% from the previous day.

In addition, Arc (7.66%, KRW 2,600), OmiseGO (5.99%, KRW 11,320), Metal (3.99%, KRW 4,435), Grosstolcoin (3.66%, KRW 1,275), Risk (3.42%, KRW 5,140), Pundi X (3.01%, KRW 2,055) and Tezos (0.58%, KRW 7,805) showed an upward trend.

There are a total of 5 cryptocurrencies showing a downward trend, of which Cosmos, which shows the largest decline, is trading at 47,020 won, down -5.11% from the previous day.

Elf (-4.59%, KRW 978), Serum (-2.92%, KRW 12,630), Ethereum (-0.36%, KRW 4,151,000), and Bitcoin Cash ABC (-0.23%, KRW 282,100) showed a downward trend. .

Meanwhile, in terms of transaction amount, Arc, Serum, and Cosmos are showing the most active transactions.

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